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Thursday, October 25, 2018


Time has been running like crazy this month, and for the most part I won't be diving into details. But it is my favorite month, always has been - after all, it's my birthday! Not to mention, (in normal climates), it's time when the day gets shorter, the air - crisper, the leaves turn all kind of bright colors, and it feels like a turn into something is up ahead. Larry and I both LOVE Autumn the most.

This October around I entered the last year of my 5th decade (for those of you who can't count, I turned 49). I didn't do anything special - besides that I didn't work that day. I sat at home in my chair, taking Continuing Education classes online for my upkeep of massage licensing, reading book, and, of course, knitting. Just like last year, I made an experiment of getting off social media (reminding folks, "friends?" about my birthday), and saw the number of said friends plunging down...that was so incredibly sad. I know, we all get attached to our gadgets, and probably don't remember our own phone numbers...but common, guys! I remember birthdays of ALL the people who are my relatives AND those I consider friends - whether still, or in the past. I mean, ALL! In my head (not to mention I have them in a normal calendar, not on the phone, not on FB, not Google account...paper style). I had come to conclusion I am far less important to a number of people than they are to me - and then realize that this, too, is ok, just life. There are a couple of wisdom sayings come to mind: "With age we don't lose friends, we just find who the real ones are", and "Some people come for a reason, some for a season, some for life". I intend to surround myself with the "for life", and that takes exactly this: weeding out by time and circumstances. The important part was - the closest to my heart did reach out. AND both of my kids! Knowing what some do, that in itself was a huge testament. And a gift.

In the evening, Larry and I made a walk to a restaurant, where, while very delicious seafood it was, we've decided it was enough of that kind - way too rich in butter and salt for our boring taste buds.

A couple days later we went to the movies - again! a record for me this year! - and watched yet another documentary-produced rock-climbing great by Jimmy Chang, Free Solo with Alex Honnold. What a crazy dude he is...

The weekend of that week we had our annual backyard party for "old souls", the "used-to-be's",  friends we all used to train and run races together with. We are very blessed that everyone I ever put on the list asking to come - shows up. Everyone! So fortunate I feel that day to have people who care enough to grace us with their presence, amazing conversations, and lots of hugs and laughter.

We had lots and lots of rain here this month - LOTS! I am proud to report I never missed a run. And even picked a few mushrooms along the road - because, you know, I don't venture on trails these days due to time constrains. What a find! A few of those days the temperature dropped enough to show me Fall might be coming. Though it's gone, again, now. But there's hope...
There is nothing worthy to show for the knitting - I was busy making a good amount of hats for our local Running store per order, which I completed and delivered. And a few hats and shawls for gifts and another order. Basically, nothing personal and/or inspirational.

It's been a whirlpool for some one or other reasons, topped off with extra things happening at my work place. It's been expanding and doing reno, and my management will be adding new services - not only new treatments, but continuing education classes, yoga, functional movement...and they also wanted to promote what we already do. That meant they had gone professional - there were photo-shoots! I chose not to promote myself as a therapist - first of all, I am swamped with clients over the head as is, and secondly, I'll be moving away in 7 months, seems like an unnecessary burden for me and camera people. But I did participate as a "client body" in a number of techniques and styles - which required commutes (in morning rush) to the place a few extra times and spending an hour each time going "Hollywood". Once they do the website update (next month, maybe?), I'll put up a link. I am really curious how I looked, ya know, actress-ing it out:)

I also added a number of hours to my work week. Technically speaking, I extended practically every day by an hour or two (sometimes straight out, in one day - splitting it into 2 shifts, which does add extra travel), plus put 2 hours on my "day off" - meaning there are no more days off for me for some time ahead. That was a thought-out decision I plan on handling.

I am also taking yoga classes twice a week consistently - go me! Still log my food and stay at the same number on the scale. And so far able to keep up with all the gym visits and house chores. Less time at home, but more productivity in life.

That'd be it for the recap. And yes, we're still dreaming of these views becoming our "backyard" very soon.

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So exciting that your long awaited move is within sight!

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