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The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Friday, May 15, 2015

Revitalizing in Oregon.

There is no iff's, and's and butt's, and we all know - Oregon is the place I love so much that it hurts. And while I do have new friends in Texas, and plenty of great people scattered around the country, there is no place like home, and not many people make me feel like part of the family as 3 of my dear friends and families who hosted me past week during my trip in Oregon: Monika and Stan in Portland, Pam and Mac in Salem, and Ronda and Bill in Bend. And because I actually spent 6 full days this time back in my favorite place on Earth, and wasn't running any ultra, I was able to see my children lots and spend quality time, and insightful talking with my hosts and a handful of more very close friends.

And yes, I ran a 15 miler at Smith Rock. Originally, I signed up for a 50k, but as my (non)training kept down-spiraling, I switched - and couldn't be happier. It allowed me to participate in a race setting, get out on a single track, be in a race which, out of 2 options, had more elevation gain (3,000 feet in 15 miles vs 1,500 feet in 50k) - which played to my strength, see more friends, and feel truly alive. Because despite complete non-running in Texas by any means of my standards, I managed to have a great run - yes, RUN - in Oregon. I shuffled single track, keeping my position in the middle of the conga-line, and when the 1,500 feet climb in a mile came around, I dusted everyone around me like they were standing still - climbing is still my best skill! - then held the grounds on a 1.5M downhill (not MY speed, but speed nevertheless), and, to my full surprise, stood a chance to not be passed on the last few flat miles! Last minutes (which also included jumping over a rattle snake) my eyes kept welling up, until I crossed a finish line - and cried openly. Yes, no matter what, fast, slow, long, short, I am a mountain trail runner, and this is forever be the only thing that makes me feel truly alive, in the moment, exhilarated. Not yoga, not any other thing, but moving under own power on a single track high in the mountains.

Coming back to TX, I am renewed and excited about the future. 4 more years, and mountains are calling.

Few very important things are confirmed, yet again:
- we will only live in the small mountain town (Bend was so lovely!),
- I have best friends in Universe and don't know how did I deserve them,
- I love my kids unconditionally, and they love me back, regardless where they are in their often (for now) whacky life,
- knitting is my passion, and yarn stores are a black hole for my finances,
- if I keep up my fitness level and stay healthy in the ways I can (and may be try to get back to figuring out my hormonal imbalance), once moved to a place that inspires me - I will be back to running well. I just know that!


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