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The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Monday, May 04, 2015

Conversations on the table.

Some pearls of fun from today only. I love my job!

-          You had kids early
-          No, I had kids at the height of the reproductive age of a Soviet female

-          Seems that we are about same age. I am 55. You?
-          Your only excuse is that you’re in a dark room, face down on a massage table, stuffed and can’t breathe, so the oxygen to the brain is cut off. I still can hurt you though.

-          Ouch, why are my shoulders where the stress usually sits are not so bad today, but the gluts hurt?
-          I guess today’s stresses gave you a pain in the butt.

-          I had surgery on this shoulder, isn't my range of motion great?
-          It is great, for having a surgery. Actually, it is great for any sample of a male population over 50.

-          You are funny, anybody told you to write a humor book?
-          No, usually it is called sarcasm and is taken defensively.
-          Then you've missed on a career of a comedian.

-          We are so alike! I am an optimist too!
-          No, I am a realist. I just refuse to die yet.

-          You are great with people’s skills.
-          Imagine I was shoved in the lab for 20 years with no human connection!
-          How come? What about other scientists?
-          Scientists are not human.

-          Yikes, that part hurts.
-          You want me to help with your pain or professionally apply lotion all over?
-          Can we do a little bit of both?


Kirstin C said...

Ha! Pure gold!

D said...

The non-humans miss you

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