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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sun at last!

Can you believe we had sun today?? After morning dark workout I was itching all day to get out on trails and enjoy a dry run. Of course I had to work, then meet Stephen from school while making dinner, then feed the kids...but at 3:30 pm I was off! It was wonderful, to visit my local Tryon park with softest trails on earth, see the day light, not wear a long sleeve shirt and a hat, hassle up the hills and fly down! On top of it seems like the high school track season is about to begin, and kids got out to prepare for training sessions. Girls and boys were everywhere you look. It added energy, I just couldn't slog been watched, besides, who knows, some of them might have been my future track student:) Though according to their expected times the head coach sent me, I am still hardly keeping up with the slowest group...

I had finally taken my online exam for a Nurse Assistant (may be my husband was right, I definitely underselling myself, it was a joke after getting through a med school), so as soon as I get a certificate, I can put that “foot in a door” of going back to working in medicine, been with patients and feeling the instant gratification of a job that I love and that brings help to a person, each and every one separately...

On a different note, our older son Alex seems to have made a decision about going to a boarding school. It's best for him, and we supposed to take him there this Saturday. I can't quite picture leaving this young man, who in fact is still just a baby, my baby, all by himself, but in a real world he needs to learn independency and responsibility, choices and consequences, and it's not quite working out at home, no matter how much we try. So it’s our job as parents to help him in his growth and support him. Say a prayer for him, please.


  1. Sun?! Aren't you in Portland? Nope not for us here in SF, new rain today but maybe sun tomorrow.

    Well I heard that never stops, Alex being your baby I mean. I still get baby(ied) all the time by my mom and I'm 34 and living in a different state. I don't think that'll ever change.

  2. Boarding school may be a good thing for Alex. I will keep you in my prayers as it seems there are a lot of people that need prayers this week.

    Does this mean I can call you "Nurse Olga"?

  3. There's extra sun the whole year here in the DR, we even complain when there are rainy days.
    Great to know you are going to be able to do what you like.
    And for the kid, best wishes for his future.

  4. Boarding school is tough for the parents, but great for the children (having gone to one myself)....great place to spread your wings and find your independence.

  5. Yes, I know I got to soak it in too, this morning...the SUN!!! It's all over though.
    This might be great for Alex, to give him some space and figure out things...

  6. You're a good mom. That must be a tough decision, Alex will thank you for it some day. My thoughts are with you.

  7. You and your family will be in my prayers as you make this decision and adjust to the changes it brings.

  8. I wouldn't worry too much about the boarding school in advance. Some independence is great for kids, even if it's tough for the parents.

    But I'd make sure to have an alternative plan in case he hates boarding school. (I know that, because I hated every second of it)

  9. You sound like a wonderful Mom! He'll be fine...you're the one I'm putting in my prayers to give ya strength!

    Ya gonna be an RN???? Email me with any questions...been one for 25 yrs! Glad to help out...you've been an inspiration to me!!

  10. my younger brother is the same way, but my parents couldnt make the same decision unfortunately.

    pacing this weekend-totally pumped! wish me luck

  11. I hope boarding school works out.

    ((hugs)) for your family.