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Sunday, January 29, 2006

End of the week

Last run, 3 hrs, hassle uphill, medium pace down and flat - subscription from coach.
I decided to sleep in (till 7 am) since my husband promised he'd run with me. I let him sleep a couple of more hours, and by then outside drizzle turned into steady rain. Oleg didn't like the idea of going out (so much for waiting) and eventually I left alone, heading towards Forest Park. I planned to attack the Maple loop, same one that defeated me a week before Avalon. I've ran this loop numerous times, with various partners (Gail, Greg, Oleg) and by myself, and it's always was a 2:45 loop. Almost like a spell...

Headphones on, I-Pod screaming Eminem, I went on trail, what was a total mess - shoe-sucking mud and streaming water. Funny how for the first 5 minutes I always try to save the shoes knowing 100% it's absolutely useless and unnecessary. Same was today. Splashing through ankle deep mud gives some flavor to the run, and there were many branches and tree trunks blown by wind that I had to hope over (or stop and walk over in fear of twisting a leg). Conditions were fun, and after an hour I began feeling better and enjoying the push. What I found weird is that I tend to train harder when I go alone. It's like I can almost find a valid excuse for slowing down or taking a walk break or food stop when I am with anybody, and it's actually all true. But alone...almost like since there is noone to complain to, why bother? As I was running the loop, there were many cut-off trails back to Wildwood, and every time I'd look as I pass and think - I am ok, no problems, push on, baby.
Last 7 miles went by fast, or was it because I was on a way to the car? In the very last mile I caught up with Tom and Kyly, local running friends, and we really flew that mile (though it was insensitive of me, they had two more to go to their parking spot, but I didn't know that).

What do you know? 2:42! Not much, but I broke the spell! And considering conditions, I'd say it was a good run. Dirty and wet, freezing and shivering, I've completed my week with 71 miles and a few hours of cross-training. Now if only the rain would ever stop...


  1. Good training week Olga. Keep up the hard work as you always do.

  2. Ha, you're one heck of a woman! I was too intimidated by the rain myself today, had a very lazy day, didn't even run at all! Shame on me! But you work hard there! I agree with, running alone, you only have to worry about yourself.

  3. mmm...rain run complete with mud, sounds like a great time.

  4. Sounds like you had fun out there playing in the mud.
    Well done on a very good week.