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Saturday, December 02, 2006

WS100 entrants

The results are up - how exciting it is for those who got in and how sad for those who didn't...
Below are friends I'll be watching on the webcats - looking forward to sitting at the computer for a couple of days:) If I say a word for each of them, my post will be endless, so I'll just wish everyone to make it to the finish line in great spirits and state, and to those who'll race - a PR and a place you deserve, guys!

Gordy Ainsleigh Meadow Vista CA
Beverley Anderson-Abbs Red Bluff CA
Meghan Arbogast Corvallis OR
Julie Arter Tucson AZ
Leslie Bardessono Napa CA
Eric A. Barnes Puyallup WA
Anna Bates Stevenson WA
Chris Batteate Stockton CA
Rod Bien Bend OR
Tia Bodington Denver CO
Suzanna Bon Sonoma CA
James Bonnett Scottsdale AZ
Mike Burke Beaverton OR
David Bursler Bear DE
Graham Cooper Oakland CA
Leigh Corbin Murrieta CA
Tony Covarrubias Auburn WA
Erik Dube Cool CA
Chris Fagan North Bend WA
Marty Fagan North Bend WA
Florencia Gascon-Amyx Mill Valley CA
Mark Godale Aurora OH
Al Harman West Vancouver BC Canada
Lori Hoffmann Vacaville CA
Kimberly Jo Holak Duluth MN
Roch Horton Salt Lake City UT
Lisa Huerta Fairfield CA
Dawn Infurna-Bean Coloma CA
Melanie Johnson Ashland OR
Andy Jones-Wilkins Ketchum ID
David Kamp Corvallis OR
Jamshid Khajavi Kirkland WA
Hal Koerner Ashland OR
Andy Kumeda Torrance CA
Clem LaCava Corvallis OR
Rachel Landon Portland OR
John Liebeskind Corvallis OR
Guillermo Medina N Hollywood CA
Brian Morrison Seattle WA
Simon Mtuy Moshi Tanzania
Donald Mukai Bellevue WA
Tom Nielsen Escondido CA
John B. Rhodes Reno NV
Kelly Ridgway Santa Rosa CA
Jeff Riley Coburg OR
Kevin Sawchuk Alamo CA
Kami Semick Bend OR
Gail Snyder Portland OR
Ronda Sundermeier Tigard OR
Meredith Terranova Austin TX
Ian Torrence Flagstaff AZ
George Velasco Bishop CA
Ken Ward Corvallis OR
Xy Weiss Villa Park CA
Karen Wiggins Bremerton WA

I made it to Forest Park to meet with Gail after a long break and we did a slow slog of 10 miles. Caught up on much what was going on in the past 2 months. Bumped into Ronda's running group and chatted for a bit. The sun was out, and it was beautiful. It is great to run with someone who understands, and we discussed some plans - and this time I realized them better than just thinking of it myself. I also mentioned to her how calm my running/racing thoughts had become during a break and a sort of come back. I am not as hyper. I love to run and to race as well, but it is not my prime concern as it used to be. It is - in my personal life, in a selfish kind of way. But I don't think about it all the waking time (and in my dreams), although I do think about it a lot. More like planning and smartly adhering to plans. I even said I could (theoretically) accept not ever been able to do it anymore (God forbid, for whatever reason, like I die...or get very ill or something) and be OK with it, although it will might have made an impression I am a fling. I am blessed to have discovered it for myself and to have been able to do so much and relatively well in the past 5 years and wouldn't trade the expriences for a world, those friendships we developed, places we saw and confidence we built. Thankfully for now I can, and I will, continue to run and race. For as long as it brings me joy.

I've got about about 120-some miles to reach 3,000 for the year. It may sound easy, but at the state of life I am in with moving and settling in even that is pressure:) How funny. However, I am at 50 miles this week, and things are moving along. Now I need to drop 10 lbs and start on speedwork by January. Small goals...one step at a time.

It is so nice with the sun out. We, people, are not nocturne animals. Life is so much brighter!


backofpack said...

Thanks for the good wishes on behalf of Eric. He wants to drop 10 lbs, and so do I. We'll all be eating healthy now!

I've never totaled my miles for the year. Maybe next year I'll do that.

robtherunner said...

You drop 10 and I need to drop 20. I am looking forward to more running now, and a near migrane from stress with no relief is what makes me want to get out and run all though I have not yet. I can't say that I would be ok with not running. I think I would go crazy.

You're too fast for me to pace at Western. I plan on being in top shape though come June and I just hope that I can tag along. I have some serious convincing to do.

Sarah said...

Lots of folks from the PNW to cheer! Even I recognize a few names. : )

It sure was a beautiful day in FP! We ran lower Macleay to WW start and back (about 12 miles). We stopped to admire the view from Pittock. Glad you had a nice run too! : )

Anonymous said...

3000 miles, very nice!!! YOU will get it done Olga! would that be your yearly high?


Anonymous said...

Congrats in advance on the inevitable 3000! Hope you're doing well.

Robb said...

Hi Olga! Good luck in reaching that 3000 mile marker! And, good that the sun has re-appeared for now. Take care.

Sarah Elaine said...

Sounds like you are going for that "dispassionate non-attachment" that my yoga teacher talks about. Interesting journey, this thing we call life, eh?

Anonymous said...

olga said...

Great attitude to listen to Lisa:) You'll get your money worth.
3,000 is my all time high, yes, I was at 2,500 last year. With Lisa I did plenty of double-a-day, what added miles despite been injured and on a break for a big part of second half of the year.
WOW Olga Awesome Year despite some challenges to overcome...

I am sure it was one of your BEST YEARS Mentally!! I look forward to a Big BLOG Congrats to you on Jan 1st. for reaching 3000 !


Anonymous said...

Hey Olga girl! 3000 miles? That is phenomenal! You are such a studette. I hit a whopping 578 total miles for the year after today's run. With no surgeries or injuries next year...maybe, just maybe, I can double that. :)

Hugs, Lisa

Love2Run said...

Wow, that's quite a list of people to follow! Nice to see you've got running in mind but not to much. Good luck in reaching 3000.

Anonymous said...

I think I may be nocturnal. Best wishes on 3000 miles.

Ryan said...

Nice slow 10 mile trail runs with friends are the best! I'm glad to see running has reached a new plateau for you!

Happy 120/3,000 miles to go.... finish strong!

rick said...

I need to drop 10 pounds as well. I know I have that much to drop cause they are not there during the summer:) Maybe we can encourage each other.

You know I mentioned it to Stephen G. the other day that your posts were different after your break. Like you mentioned calmer and less frenetic...peaceful about your running. Is this a whole new level for your running?

I am excited about the possibility of seeing you and your friends at Bighorn.

Anonymous said...

Sarah ... Oh Sarah where did U go?...your blog link is BLANK??? you might have to repost your website link... can anyone else pull it up? Hooked on Trails


Mike said...

Let me bow down to your 3 THOUSAND miles in 06. That is pretty darn impressive mileage every week- good luck on banging out that remaining 120 miles in December!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

lose 10 lbs, i'd like to do that!

glad you are feeling good, and good luck hitting 3000 miles.

Anonymous said...

Hi OLGA, I just made a POST on FOOOD, what you Runners like to EAT. What gives you the FUEL your body needs!

If you can stop by when you get a chance and share a little bit on what ENERGIZES you that would be great...

Lot's to learn here but WILL learn it and DO IT,


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