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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My family – Dad, Mom, sister Tanya (with Michael’s picture on the wall). My parents turned 70 this year and will celebrate 50th wedding anniversary next December. See the image of a plane in the mirror? My dad served airforce for what seems like forever. So much they've gone through...Their grandson's death sped up their aging. They see only light in the 2 grandsons they have left, and who are on freakin' opposite side of the world! Michael was first and favorite - deserving so. He had a whole life ahead...

Main Russian Orthodox Church in Sergiev Posad, where Oleg grew up, Moscow region - isn't it one of the most beautiful places/structures on Earth and exsubes peace and calm? I placed a candle in Michael's memory and another for Alex's full recovery. Oleg's dad still lives there.

20 years prior now, spring of 1987. It called "subbotnik", when the whole country comes out and cleans the neighborhoods as volunteers on Saturday of April.

My birthday 2 month before Alex was born, 1990

Me, Svetlana and Olga – just as we were…or at least we think so. Yes, it's caviar and vodka on the table:) What did you think we had?

Stephen and new friend Irina (Svetlana’s daughter) - yes, they play Twister, an American invention! Irina is a busy girl, taking tennis, hourse-riding, swimming, English and dance lessons. A typical Russian girl.

17 years before…Michael was 9 (in the background). We had to drink champaine and break glasses - how many pieces would account of our years together. I don't think we counted:) We were young and careless. My sister sewed my dress from her dress, and it was different and simple. I also wore red shoes! My mom really didn't like this idea.

Charlie, crazy happy puppy

Daisy, lazy lady

One interesting thought - this weekend is a WS100 lotery time, and I practically forgotten, had it not been a few emails wishing me luck in it. What I don't need - I didn't apply. For the first time in my ultra "career"...after 3 straight years anticipating first weekend of December...and I don't feel weird. But I do wish all who is waiting for the results on Sunday the best of luck, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and special week. Welcome back….glad to see you had a safe and fun trip! Great photographs! I can’t wait to hear more about your race plans is there anything planned for July hint..hint ; ) Have fun planning!

Ryan said...

oops...that was me above = )

Love2Run said...

Welcome back. You're brave to show the before and after pictures, but you haven't changed!! Good luck with the scheming too.

backofpack said...

Love the pictures - a glimpse of your life back home. Your new puppy is awfully cute!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I'm glad you had a good trip. Welcome back!

robtherunner said...

I love the pictures. Especially the look back in your history.

Kurt in Boston said...

The pictures do look great. Despite its hardships, life is still beautiful.

Mike said...

Welcome back Olga- glad you had a great trip. It's always nice to reconnect eh?!

Great pics too....sheez, I need to do that at some point...definitely a lazy blogger here.

I love the "subbotnik"- we should all do that on a national scale here with everyone involved!


Anonymous said...

That Orthodox Church is just stunning!

TryAthlete said...

Lovely pictures - thanks for sharing them with us and giving us insights into your life.

Has anyone ever asked which parent you get your toughness from?

rick said...

Really nice pictures, loved all of them. Like the picture of you in your track outfit.

Sending warm good wishes to all of you in the PNW, I heard on the news about all the snow that came down in Seattle. Having lived in Russia however it probably doesn't bother you much.

R2B said...

These pictures really do tell a thousand words or a thousand thoughts and memories for you!

Thanks for sharing them with us.Hope your life brightens soon,your a good person.


Anonymous said...

GREAT Family Pictures Olga thanks for sharing and I also checked out your RESULTS page -- AWESOME !!! Way to GO!!

Newbie Runner and blogger--LOL


Anonymous said...

I can tell the trip home made you retrospective. Something about getting back to your roots will do that to you. Though we don't live in another country from our extended family we do live in a different state. We often wonder what will change before our next visit home and try to take advantage of every opportunity to get home. Beautiful post Olga.

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! It's so important to connect with family. I'm glad you had such a great trip! : )

Lora said...

Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Pictures are always so special!

Luv the Twister pic--I have many fun memories of that game!

Welcome Home!!

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