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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Decisions on 2007 races

I need any input I may get, although nothing will be set in stone and all will be adjusted as the time goes. Below are races I am interested for next year. I can't run all of them, so, besides those in bold, the others go in sets of interchangeable blocks.

  • Chuckanut 50k 3-17

  • This set:
  • Peterson Ridge 60k 4-15

  • Zane Grey 50M 4-28

  • Silver Sate 50M 5-19

  • or this:
  • Leona Divide 50M 4-21

  • Quick Silver 50M 5-12

  • Pretty sure on this one:
  • Bighorn 100M 6-17

  • either or both, depends on time and conditioning:
  • SOB 50k 7-14

  • PCT 50M 7-28

  • set of these two:
  • Waldo 100k 8-18

  • Bear 100M 9-28

  • or
  • Grand teton 100M 9-1

  • As I mentioned before, my travel is limited with 3 free United airfare tickets and 1 (cancelled) Alaska Air credit. Thus four out-of-state. Max.

    The pick between Leona and Zane is tough, I've never been to Leona and really curious of this crazy course, yet I loved Zane past year big time. Not to mention I'll get to see Angie there. But at Leona I'll get to see Andy Kumeda and DirtyGirl Xy Weiss.

    On the April race schedule will be based my May choice: both are new for me races. Silver State is at high altitude in Lake Tahoe area, Quicksilver is in San Jose, and Rick will be there, both on single track trails (yumm!), in CA I'd meet more friends, in NV - fewer competition:)

    Bighorn had been set since I made up my mind not to submit for WS100 lottery, actually, before - I loved the pictures and Jeff Browning's report, and have so many friends going there! Many OR folks, as well as my friend and Montrail teammate Theresa Schut (and a threat for me! but so much fun this girl, I am excited to run parts of the race together, she is amazing!), Rick and Maura (who didn't get into WS), more of CA boys (for variation of 50M or 50k) - just one big party and not much hoopla!

    SOB and PCT in July are local, and I can make a decision as the time comes.

    Waldo and Bear are a good combo, I wanted to do Waldo long enough to wait any longer...but: it is going to be a National Championship in 2007, could be lots of people on narrow trails, and if I pick Teton 100 instead of Bear, too close together. 3 options to still do Waldo despite leaning towards Teton 100:
    1. run it v-e-r-y slowly, only worrying about cut offs, what with shortening the course by 5 miles to a standard 100k next year should be do-able.
    2. pace Theresa Schut for second half and help her to have a great race
    3. run it as a part of relay team (if they will still have relay option with championship and all, there will be planty of Maniacs or local ultra geeks to split the run with)

    Why Teton vs Bear? Rumor is Bear (something I planned at some point) has only dirt wide roads (I tend to slow down a lot in open spaces), with buffolo around, and even more with buffolo poop...quite a messy picture. Lisa S-B also mentioned they didn't mark it well a couple of years ago (wonder if it changed - I get lost even on best marked courses!). Lisa S-B was the one who got upset with me not coming (yet another year) to Teton, where she RD's. I've ran the whole course at her race in parts last summer when visited with her, and it's drop dead gorgeous, and all the runners praise it tremendously as a fantastic race and a family oriented event. It is, however, 4 loops, and each starts with crazy climb to Fred Mt. - some 1900 feet in 2.5 miles (think Devil's Thumb, but worse footing and higher in altitude). Knowing this perspective honestly scares me:) I am still not clear on these two, but have time for that decision.

    C'mon, everybody's welcome for an opinion, it's an open session of friends!

    Side note:
    #1. Of those who read my blog from time to time (and whom I am not aware of even by 10% according to ration of daily hits and weekly comments:)) if you live in a driving range of the area near Sheridan, WY (Bighorn race) or willing to travel and interested to crew and/or pace, please drop me a note, I'd be very happy to talk about it.
    #2. If any of aformentioned readers are planning on some of the same races, and would like to "cheapen" the trip, may be we can discuss sharing a room and/or splitting the car costs.


    Sarah said...

    I don't know enough about the out of state races to give you an informed opinion. But for selfish reasons, I hope you do the PCT 50M. It's my goal race for 2007 and it would be really motivating for me to know you were there too! : )

    Good luck figuring it all out! It's half the fun. : )

    backofpack said...

    Sheesh! I had a hard enough time narrowing down my own choices! Like Sarah, I don't know enough about the races to help you. Knowing you, you'll have fun where ever you go.

    Anonymous said...

    Best wishes in whatever decisions you make. All look like great options, and you'll no doubt do fantastic in any set you choose to do.

    angie's pink fuzzy said...

    ZANE GREY!!!!!!!!

    Um, did I mention you should do Zane Grey?

    Maybe i need to say it again.

    Do Zane Grey.

    Okay, also do Teton. I've always wanted to do it and/or visit the area, so if you go, I have more of a reason to go.

    robtherunner said...

    I like how you broke up the various options. I wish the Bear 100 was at the end of August instead and I would love to do Teton since the time looks right, kind of, but it's too far away for me. I need a close local 100 so may opt for CCC again this year all though Waldo sounds inviting as well. Decisions, decisions.

    Wes said...

    I vote you find a bunch of nice 5Ks and tackle them this year, LOL. Did I tell you they have an Ultra club here in Atlanta? And there is actually an ultra marathon that runs along the Silver Comet trail here in Georgia. Don't think so :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Looks like you'll have plenty to do any way you slice it. Hope you have a great race season.

    rick said...

    I have not run a single race on your schedule...sad but great at the same time, I have all those races to look forward too. ooo...Waldo 100k looks like a great one.

    Man I'm inspired to get my list together now. Rob's already got some tentative races planned and so does Sarah.

    rick said...

    Oh yeah...planning to be at Bighorn but hoping to convince the boys here (Jason and Stephen) to come up too. If that happens we will probably room together.

    Anonymous said...

    Bighorn is a very nice 100. I liked it because it started late like CCC (11:00 am start), although I took over 30 hours to finish and it seemed like I was out there two days.

    Isn't if fun to choose?


    Lori, who trailed you at WS last year said...

    Since I didn't get into States, I'm considering Bighorn, too. Don't know yet if I'll be able to drag the family along or not. If not, I'll be looking for a roomie...

    I live in So Cal, and ran Leona last year. It's a well-run race, very low key, with smooth trail, and some good climbs. (It always seems to be on a chilly -- by CA standards -- weekend!)

    Where's Waldo is on my list, but it'll depend on whether I can get my sorry butt in shape to run AC instead.

    Sorry, I don't know anything about any of the other races.

    Ryan said...

    You're lucky to have so many choices and dates...they all look fun and each race has there own unique qualities! I don’t think you can go wrong with any choice! A particular race that caught my eye recently is the Tahoe Rim Trail 50K/50M/100M Endurance Runs in July! If I had the time and money I would consider a trip out for this one! Enjoy!

    Cole said...

    The only race I can speak for is Lisa and Jay's Teton race having done the 50 twice, plus a bonus loop pacing a 100 runner. The first year was too cold, last year was too hot (for me), so next year should be just right. They do such a great job putting on the race and bringing together a great bunch of people that you really shouldn't miss it. Don't let the "four loops, repeated" thing bother you because the scenery's good enough to see again and again. Logistically (once you get to Targhee) the race is supe convenient and you have absolutely no need for a crew.

    If you'd rather do a 50m than 100 in June Squaw Peak is awesome. Someone mentioned Tahoe Rim Trail which was a 50m I enjoyed also.

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