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Friday, December 08, 2006

How fun to train!

I almost forgotten it!

I am rolling out for 8 miles at 4:30 in the morning, adding 4 miles on trails 2 afternoons and 6 miles at night twice while Stephen is in his new classes - he joined boxing team (by the way, what a workout! 2 hrs of sweat pumping non-stop, this can make a man out of anybody!). My abs routine is on track, and I actually can see the muscle peaking - I lost 3 lbs so far. It is nice to also feel the muscle tone return to my legs, and the last couple of weeks of goings to the gym are progressing. I even changed my cross-training routine today there, inspired by Bob's description of Elliptical.

The schedule for 2007 is finalized - granted, things can still change, but that's the plan. I went with Zane Grey - the good thing is that the course will be run in opposite direction, so it will be like new race, no time to beat, interesting and fresh (Angie, get ready, girl! You are a champ in crewing!) - and Silver State - by some good suggestions that it will make me cry, and I love to cry! Tough is what I am looking for, not blessed with speed. Leona/Quicksilver will move to 2008.

Bighorn shapes up to be a fun-est event! Besides Theresa and Rick for sure, there is Ashley Idema - in case you are not familiar with names, this girl just rocked AC100, taking 1st in 23 and change on her first try at a 100! Not only Theresa and I are hoping to squeak under CR (I don't really know what Theresa's plan is, I just know what she is capable of!), with Ashley Bighorn will never be the same! Theresa is organizing a "girl’s training run" later in spring, hosting a few of us in Boise, ID. These ladies sure push my limits; I better train to even run a training run together with them!

Grand Teton also took a vote, and it was easy once I considered all the positives of it vs negatives of Bear. I would like to do it as a family trip - what an amazing time we had there past summer, we need a repeat of the National Park's adventures! And I am looking forward seeing Lisa S-B and Jay and little girls and Colleen again! Fred Mountain, here I come!

I had lunch the other day with a good friend of mine Greg Pressler, who is an editor for NorthWest CitySport magazine and a great athlete/bike race announcer/writer. He spilled some beans on his next year’s hopes, what I can’t discuss; just really want it to happen for him! He awoke my interest in it as well…hmm, another year though

On another exciting note, I was invited to join a team of ORRC and Monika Gold to co-RD a PCT 50/50 race in Mt. Hood area. O-oh, that’s new for me, how cool! Now I am not sure if I can run it, but that's OK, I'll get all the fun for everybody else combined:) One of my job requirements is to measure the course, so I'll get to run the beautiful trails anyway.

Seems that Alex finally passed his Focus seminar (on his 3rd try), and it gives some kind of closure. 2 more weeks till we see our precious baby! This Saturday is his sweet 16 and Stephen's 11th birthday - yep, I gave birth to my boys on the same day, and no, it wasn't planned, Alex was a week early and Stephen was 10 days late, he just waited to get out as a present:) We'll have a few kids over, and on Sunday will pack the rest of the belongings to start moving some boxes on Tuesday and big stuff on following Saturday. Even work is going well these days, what almost scares me.

Next week the rain season will move back in again, and I am frantically looking for a cheap treadmill for my home gym. It's on my Russian Santa's list (for New Year's). Good for hill repeats and speed work, as well as tempo runs - otherwise, with no fast training partner I tend to slow down without even noticing it.

Going longer this weekend...well, considering a break, 15 miles is a "long run"! Yee-haa!


rick said...

Born on the same day, that's just incredible. They'll never forget each other's birthdays.

Love the energy from your post. Go get em. Rain is coming our way too but no treadmill for me. Our YMCA has great treadmills but since I don't drive I'll have to run in the rain to get to them, might as well just keep on running. I'll just rotate my shoes and stock lots of newspaper to stuff the wet ones with:)

Sarah said...

So glad you are going to see Alex soon! Happy B-Day to him and Stephen!

I'm amazed at your energy considering all you have going on. But it's contagious! Makes me want to go out and run right now. : )

That's very cool you're going to co-RD PCT 50/50. I plan to be one there adding to your fun! : )

Anonymous said...

Olga is the lady with the PLAN...Congrats on putting your 2007 season together and back to your trainings.

I love your details and FOCUS. I hope Santa brings u that treadmill too, U Deserve it...

U here that SANTA :-) TREADMILL for OLGA add it to your list and SHIP IT!!


backofpack said...

I'm so happy to hear Alex is coming home! Yay! You do sound positive and excited about everything. Tell both boys Happy Birthday!

Scott Dunlap said...

You went for Silver State! You are seriously bad ass, Olga. I'm hoping to be there as well but have some begging to do to keep a full ultra schedule next year. ;-)

Congrats to Alex on his exam!

Have a wonderful holiday.


robtherunner said...

Ok, since you are running 15 miles I will make this my long run for tomorrow as well. I need the miles and I still have no "race" picked out yet, just the ones on the Maniac list. That's awesome that Alex will be home soon. Congrats on PCT 50/50 as well.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay for alex!!!

and YAY for ZG!!!! I am ready woman!

R2B said...

Thats what you call "getting your groove back"!

You sound happy again...thats awesome!

Bet you can't wait for your son to return.

Have an great week.


Ryan said...

Giddy-up! I feel the energy and excitement in this post...you're on the MOVE! I'm just as excited to read about all the training and races coming-up in 2007!

That's wonderful your son will be home for the holidays! Take care!

Anonymous said...

You're rockin' and rollin' now. Best of luck in your training and happy birthday to your two sons!

Anonymous said...

Hey Olga,

Check your email when you get a chance I just sent you one :-)

Mike said...

That is amazing that your boys were born the same day...pretty darn cool!

Glad to hear the training is rolling along. Try to stay dry out there next week!

Jack said...

Isn't it great to have a schedule to train for! Sounds like it is going to be an exciting year.

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