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Thursday, August 08, 2013

The "gentler" gender.

I work at the University in an academic science environment. For my real-life job I do basic research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the bench with a bunch of PhD's and PhD students. We have weekly "meetings", where a couple of said "scientists" report to the rest of the folks on their progress, break-through and problems, as well as discuss various lab business. So, today, at the beginning, a manager talks about some new equipment coming, and, looking DIRECTLY at me, says: "And we need all the strong guys in the lab to participate in moving furniture and heavy stuff around to make sure this new machines fit in to spaces". I turn to the girl sitting next to me and ask "Why me? Why even the Boss is starring at me?". She lowers her voice and whispers: "Look around. We have Science guys. You are our only chance to move this shit around". (p.s. when the push came to shove, we all moved stuff together. They are funny this way, guys I am working with. As my previous boss in Oregon used to call himself, SNAG - sensitive new age guy).

Funny, yet true story...and no, the state of Science is not that bad, but in my lab even a student whom I personally coached (as a Personal Trainer designed a workout and nutrition plan for him to build serious muscle from skinny Jewish/Irish boy) comes to me when a bottle cap froze and needs to be opened or when something rolled over under the fridge and it has to be moved...I think it's their way to actually make fun of me:)

This just happened, and happened on a tail of me breaking out of Facebook silence (so much for the previous post!) about an exciting news - a GIRL is breaking/had broken an unsupported record on PCT today! Heather Anderson (trail name Anish) is at the Canada border today, hiking from Mexico in less than ANY man (male or female) ever had done! That is to add to the last year's Jenn Parr-Davis supported break-through record on AT! Girls rock!

HERE is where I heard first of Anish' through-hike, but the Facebook is buzzing (although I am back on "vacation").

THERE you can learn all about Jenn Parr and her inspirational adventures.

I have to be honest and tell you that not to be outdone by ladies, Matt Kirk (a guy who won Umstead 100M the year I won it, 2004) had broken the UN-supported AT record yesterday, and another guy, Josh Garrett, is finishing his PCT supported record-time hike today.

Records are made to be broken.

These particular things inspire me by far more than any 50k in 3 hrs or 100 milers in 15 hrs ever did. I had come to the sport of trail ultras from a backpacking background. With a family and a full time job I could never "afford" the luxury of doing such things. When, in 6 years, we move to the town of our dreams, I intend to work part-time per my own schedule, and hope to do some of the "shorter" fastpacking through-hikes. I don't see full-blown 3-months at a time PCT, AT or CDT in my future, as Larry will still be working (plans to) full-time, and leaving him behind feels unfair, but 1-2 weeks trips into wilderness is what keeps me cranking 8% hill repeats at 6 mph (like this morning, when, I think, I managed, with my loud breathing, get a guy next to me  become interested in this weird sport of ultrarunning).

Anyway, on a much smaller scale, Larry and I reviews on Ultimate Direction new pack line has been published in EnduranceBuzz.com. A spoiler - I wasn't very thrilled, but the idea is nice. The design requires more work though.


Tim Lofton said...

Where, pray tell, is the town of your dreams?

Olga said...

I have ideas, but no final pick yet:) I got 6 years to choose and make sure it's the right one!

Gretchen said...

Oh, Olga! you have "PCT thru-hiker" written all over you! I'm guessing it will be sooner than you think.

And I would definitely ask you to open my stuck jars before any man. Of course, I won't ask anyone unless I've already spent at least 30 minutes problem-solving to get it open myself. ;)

Olga said...

Shh, don't tell my husband! :)

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