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Monday, March 04, 2013

One more Nueces.

I spent Saturday at Camp Eagle 3 hrs away from Austin - for the 4th time in a row - at Nueces races put on by Joe of Tejas Trails. First year I ran the 50M race (and it was kind to me), and then I volunteered, managing the Main AS (start/finish/loop end). The set up here is the best for racers and volunteers alike: cabins and dorm style heated rooms with mattresses (bring your own sleeping bag), showers and toilets, covered area, river, zipline, trails with hills and amazing views. Not much different this year from years prior - it was a USATF National Trail 50M championship, what usually attracts about 5 runners vying for spot on each male and female side, and over 300 local folks running a variety of distances: 50M, 50k, 25k and 10k. Nobody gets messed up, lost (well, almost) or misplaced.
I served, poured cups, cut PBJ's and bananas, gave advice on electrolytes, food, water and stretching IT bands, hugged and talked and even knitted as the biggest waves wounded down. Henry Hobbs, a volunteer-extraordinaire, was my right hand and a leg and together we sizzled - with a step in from a couple of girls smashing those PBJ's.
EnduroPhoto, with Henry and "little English lady" Ann - both always at TT races.

EnduroPhoto - action shot for AS.
RD Joe - photo courtesy Scott Dunlap.

In the 50M Cody Moat won (coming from behind on the last loop), with Paul Terranova 2nd and Jason Bryant 3rd (again:)). On girl's side Michele Yates almost closed on boys, with Melanie Fryar 2nd and Pam Proffitt Smith 3rd.  Both men and women set new Course Records, Paul improved his course PR by 30 min (he lead for close to 40 miles).

A few local guys and girls are going after Tejas 50 - running every 50M in Tejas Trails events - and they all finished.

My best Texas friend Eman, whom I took on her first trail run 3 years ago, had completed her first 50k - and I couldn't have been more proud. Way to celebrate an important birthday (wink) and a freedom coming with a Greencard! This course is special, as she ran her first 25k here as well.

Another hat, anyone? Photo JoAnna Brand.

Eman celebrates with mentor - photo credit Eman.

That's my girl Eman! Photo JoAnna Brand.

Other than that, things are moving along. Last week I gave my body time to recover and allowed it to dictate the pace is it felt - some days were ok, some much better. Today I ran a great hilly 6M tempo and felt springy. This week will be squeezing a lot in terms of training, as it's the only one I got before Syllamo 50M. Basically, as bad as it sounds, every day is planned to be either a quality workout, or moderate effort run (track, 10M "negative", hill repeats). My plan on easy is for Friday only. Sunday is a flat 10k race after Saturday's longish trail run (just because I haven't run a road or other 10k since 2002 and because I am petrified of short races and discovering how bad I am now - but truth is always good to know and to overcome fear.

We'll be leaving Austin next Tuesday with kids for Spring break. We'll drive through OK and visit with Larry's family for a couple of days, then drive through NW Arkansas to Syllamo races location. Those will be killers. Abandon all hope. I better figure out that cramping thing - and Meredith had agreed to chat with me this week briefly to see if anything strikes out. 50M with 14k elevation gain, and not in big climbs/descends (although those seem to be there as well), is something I am not certain I am ready for. Never thought I'd say that, but despite that I feel great and train hard, where mileage and serious hills come - I lack both of those big time. Do the best you can with what you have...

On other fronts, I will be in Portland in May! Every year Portland is THE most exciting trip of the year for me, more so than any race. It is HOME. Every nook, turn, trail, view, even road and street...friends I was blessed to meet...strengths I found in myself, discoveries made within...pains and aches nevertheless...dreams, hopes, shuttered and new ones... Planned that trip today. I won't come back for good (we say "never walk into the same river twice"), but I will always visit with heart full of love. I have a fully tight agenda scheduled literally by the minute, with Friday morning run in Forest Park with Ronda S. and Amy Sproston (hope they are kind to me, those speedy gals!), day with Alex (who had just moved in with his father, keep your fingers crossed it's a great step forward for good!), evening dinner with Monika and Stan (family), with additional trip to Corvallis for McDonald Forest 50k - another one with 7k feet of elevation gain (my 3rd take at this local monster and a greatest training for my new summer goal!), where I'll stay with Pam and Mac Smith and then party after the race with all my buddies (bonus to see so many friends at once!), then a trip to Bend to see my best friend Gail and run some Smith Rock park with Maura. Phew! Thrilled every time I think about it.

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Danni said...

You have lots and lots of fun things going on -- and you are a knitting fiend!

Anonymous said...

Your trips sound awesome. I am officially jealous. That is very cool about getting your friend into running and watching her finish her first 50K. Nueces looks cold from your pictures.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Syllamo 50M - You will be awesome. Your experience and drive will make the difference.

To inspire others is the real gift.

Carilyn said...

Sounds like a super fun schedule, Olga! So great that you get to see Alex and your friends - and Portland :)

Sarah said...

Fun times! It will be awesome to see you at the Mac! :)

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