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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New enterprise seeks help!

You already all know I LOVE to knit. Like that - capital and bold. I do it relatively quick, and since I hate wasting my time in life for any extended period (even in 5 minutes chunks), and I have to take a bus to/from work every day, plus we, as a family, do watch TV at night for an hour or so before bed, my hands are occupied.

The thing is, nowadays I live in Austin, TX (duh). That means how many sweaters and other items I may possible need? So, I started knitting hats and scarfs for my friends - a sudden idea, and I sent them out, and everyone loves them.

Well, now that my best buddies whom I cherish are all outfitted with personalized knitted equipment, I need to find a market for my outlet!

Please help former Soviet with no idea on how to promote and enterprise. I would like to figure out where and how to promote my numerous knitting ideas. Etsy.com is a bit "lost in numbers of offerings". Runners have need for skiing/snowshoeing/backpacking? I can set up a website (working on it), but how do I spread the idea?

Below are some samples. Link for sale and donation.

On the running front, I did a local 10k race on Sunday, after running 12 miles on trails and besting my usual time by a minute. I haven't run a 10 km since 2002 (? or 2001), and had no clue what I should be trying for, so I set a sub-50 minutes with a slight hope of 48 minutes (just sounded like a number for 8 min/mile, forget that 0.2M at the end). It was pretty hilly (especially miles 4 and 5), much more so than my last 10k in NYC, I ran very even and up front the (small) field of folks spread out, caught up a few guys and a girl in those last hills and pushed for the flat/downhill finish in 48:03 (should have checked out the watch, silly, instead of focusing on the ground). I was very happy with results, placed 1st in 40-44 (3rd Master, 8th female, 25th Overall), and actually got a little medal (funny thing is I don't take awards or medals from ultras, but did take that one home!). So, to cap the Sunday I drove 48 minutes, waited to start 48 minutes, ran 48 minutes, waited for awards ceremony 48 minutes, and drove back home 48 minutes. And I don't regret it one bit:) even though I also managed to chafe raw my armpits to blood (I guess when running hard, arm pumping is involved versus ultrarunning shuffle...).

Photos courtesy of MV Production and Michael Bishop

We are now all (with kids) in Claremore, OK, visiting Larry's family, and then heading out to Arkansas to run Syllamo races.

Tulsa, OK - Aquarium, Loops, lunch.

Visited favorite knitting store in Tulsa, Loops, went for a little spree and had a great time.


amy said...

Just a thought, but there are also a number of great nonprofits where you can donate knit hats to be put to a good use. Knots of Love is one that donates hats to cancer patients, and there are a number that make hats for the homeless.

G said...

Use social media. Join Twitter and connect with other athletes using that avenue. I once posted a pic of a cycling hat with ear flaps that I made on Twitter and had several people ask if I sold them (I don't). Facebook (as much as I dislike it) is a good avenue as well. Using these 2 sources, you can direct interested parties to your website. Good luck! I'd snatch up one of those hats in a heartbeat. :)

Carilyn said...

Love the caps, Olga. I wish I knew more about selling stuff. Here in Cali (and I would bet Austin, too), fairs and farmers' markets are HUGE, with tons of cool stuff to buy. I know a lot of great companies that got started by selling at fairs first.

Congrats on your awesome 10k!

Julie said...

I've got a link and a picture of your hats on my blog. Hope it works out for you. So nice to find something that you are good at and like to do that you can make some money at.
Also, I'd love to buy one! How much and what colors do you have available right now?


Danni said...

You need to set up a store on Etsy!

Olga King said...

Amy, I had participated in things like that (hats and scarfs, when lived in NYC). Right now I am considering quitting my job in a year and half and need a venue to live off - I will have to eat and stuff then as well, but would like to work on something I am passionate about versus biomedical research I had been doing for 20 years and really could care less about any more than a paycheck. Parental/family obligations kept me on a "job", soon enough it'll be time to peruse what America promises - open doors and opportunities:)

Olga King said...

G, email me to olgav100 at gmail if interested.

Olga King said...

Sarah has left a new comment on your post (and I pressed something and it got rejected!)

Love the hats! :) And awesome work on the 10k!

I need to find something that pays the bills that I'm passionate about. 18 years in the same job. It has its perks but I don't know if I can make it another 15+.

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