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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hey, I am training!

The measly things I try to do...but it feels good to pretend!

So on Monday I did that bike thing for 30 min at moderate effort and skipped Tuesday. Wednesday I went back to the gym and biked harder for 35 min followed by Elliptical also for 35 min. After that I managed to do leg machine for 10 min before I got bored with the how little variety and how careful I had to do it. Any abs or upper body I tried threatened to pull apart my stitches, so I gave up.

Thursday was kind of fun as I decided to walk to work. This, I figured, would give the rest of my family time to sleep in (one car and me begining to work early) and would provide me with some relative cross-training. I even dressed up in running clothes, took my pack (filled with change) and a water bottle and took off. While I shortened the way by a a mile (for 4M total instead of 5M I do when I run to work), it was great! After initial short slight uphil I go for almost 3M flat and slight decline, and then shoot up for almost a mile. My legs were acting up at first as if they forgot how to walk, my hamstrings complained (hmm, what's up with that?), but as I fell in a groove, I began moving quickly. It took me 68 min, what I was really happy about, I sweated quite some, my HR was above 130 the whole way (what is 70% to my surprise), and I got a small, but adrenaline rush. I think this could be a way out of my current madness! I bet I can get under an hour for this route. Hey, small goals count!

There were lots of pictures and reports circulating from WS100, it was so much fun (and learning experience) to read! I hope to be able to impliment many of tips people provided to what worked or didn't work for them at a 100 (or/and in training). Especially on blister care:)

Now back to work!

More AWESOME pictures are HERE by a happy dude TOM R who helped his amazing brother JEFF to get TOP10!


  1. you're definitely right, every bit helps. way to be creative while training with an injury!

  2. I read a few reports, but am antsy to read more. I have not been receiving a lot of e-mails from the ultralist. Maybe I need to switch my yahoo account and use something else. You're a fast walker, but I already knew that.

  3. I assume you've seen the black and white post-race individual photos of the competitors? Always thought those were great.

  4. I've been walking to work too! Although its only a mile so I really don't have an excuse NOT to walk. : )

  5. You're a real hoot! Injured runner, walks to work and now want to turn it into a race... I guess you just can't take the racer out of ... the runner. Glad to see you're feeling better.

  6. Stitches? What did I miss? I better re-read your posts. Stitches in the abs/upper body? Take it easy, now!

  7. Olga, its good to walk. Just make sure you give your body time to *heal*!!! You really don't loose fitness as quickly as it feels.

  8. What stitches? Ouch! Well then I'm glad to see things are coming along, take care of yourself first and keep up the positive attitude.

    I can spend all day reading about WS100 stuff!

  9. I'm with the others... What stitches?

    Nothing holds you back does it? Crazy girl... :-)

  10. Take care of yourself, Olga!! I hope your sister is doing okay too. Your body will benefit from the rest time you know. So REST!! Well, a little exercise can't hurt!! Ha Ha

  11. Good cross training. Keeping a positive mental attitude is the main thing though. You just keep your head in there and you'll be back before you know it.

  12. I hope your recovery from your surgery continues to go well. You seem to be in high spirits despite your time off from real training. You are probably in need of a little rest, what with Bighorn still fresh in your muscles!