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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Against the blog name:)

Yeah, I wish I could "Run more talk less", but since Thursday I am on post-op mode. Even though it didn't not concern my legs, I was bed-ridden for 3 days and now still forbidden from exercising at least for another week. I did sneak in 30 min on recumbent bike at the gym where Stephen takes boxing though, and felt ok with that. I'll add on more of the same this week, before I deteriorate completely:)

So since I've got so much free time on my hands (and my legs), I've been a "smarty pants" with comments. I think it was my envy talking, but, oh, well. I am itching to get back to training. I think I might focus on shorter but faster runs next month for my prep to Cool 12 hr event (faster is a stretch at this point of my life, but still, may be I'll wear HRM?). One Gorge venture should remind me of uphill/downhill skill - I didn't suffer with either at Bighorn, so I am pretty confident I won't at CCC100 as well. I am actually really looking forward Cascade Crest!!!

On another hand, I had planned to jump into "two 100's on consecutive weekends" ordeal and hoped to get comp'd by Montrail on the entry to Grand Teton 100 RD'ed by Lisa and Jay Batchen - and wasn't as lucky as I dreamed. While it was still on a horizon, I was at least hopeful to use my free miles to fly there - and hey, don't think too long, those tickets were ready yesterday and gone today for any days around the event...now I am absolutely not sure if I want to spare a $1k for a race I have 50% chance to DNF at (OK, it's a bad idea to enter anything with a thought of DNF'ng, but lets be realistic). So unless something comes through in the next couple of days - like I get a ride from Boise (airfare to Boise is still affordable) and back - I am out. Sorry, Bobbie:( Gotta put it on the list for yet another year...

If all things consider I, indeed, don't make it to see Tetons this summer, I might jump in to Bear 100 at the end of September...or not. May be I should just take one day at a time and stop fidgeting while sitting still.

Summer is a great time of year, especially before the heat wave came. We are enjoying mild temps (I want to run!!!) and getting crazy with driving kids to all different places since there is no school. Stephen spent a week at the shore with some Russian community friends and then a weekend at the Warm Springs for a boxing match. Alex hasn't gotten any job offers so far (surprise, surprise) and with grumpy face drugs his butt (or rather we do that for him) to different volunteer spots. One day he stayed home - and it was trouble. It's like we have to hold his hand for the rest of his life? Any chance he can be 18 tomorrow?

My sister was operated last Tuesday and it went well, although much more was removed than anticipated - besides 8 sm of rectum they took out uterus and ovaries just in case, and she spent a few days in depression crying over her womanhood. She is feeling better now, started to eat. My family home had decided I shouldn't come yet and plan my visit for later with the kids, likely in the winter, as usual.

It was much fun to watch WS100 webcast over the weekend. The weather was very favorable, and many people had great times. Some, however, had to battle demons of such a long and hard race and lost. I feel very bad as I've been there, when the goal was beaming for 6 months or so and yet left not reached. Lucky those who accept things philosophical - I am really horrible at that, although I do learn many lessons from my failures. I hope everybody recovers quickly mentally and physically and gets back to trails (or roads) for more joy.

The Mt. Hood PCT 50/50 coming up in a month, and things are swirling. Now it's time to get on with food, AS supply, volunteer's assignments and so on. I am excited!

I promise to have more useful update next time, and for now - go out and run!


maniac hippo said...

It sounds like your mind is in running overdrive while you're resting. What I admire the most is that you've managed to keep it all positive... so many of us have trouble with that.

I can't volunteer for PCT, and everybody in my "real" life thinks running is stupid so they can't help either. But if you need anything done the day before, please ask.

Wes said...

That means your are going to "Talk more and Run Less" for a couple of days? ;-) Good by us! My prayers for a speedy recovery for you and your sister.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi Olga..

have you tried to fly into Idaho Falls Idaho?
trust me..you would not DNF at our race..why would you? one of the best climers I know.
you ca fly to denver and drive with someone..
let me know how we can help:)

Bob Gentile said...


I need my Olga in the Teton's ... well check out what Coach said and if that don't work out, I guess we will meet at some other event:-(

Glad ur feeling better, u will be back at it and on the trails soon.

God Bless ur sister on staying positive after her surgery and rebuking that disease!...FIGHT Olga's Sister FIGHT dang it!!

christine said...

even on the sidelines your still in the game...now might be a good time to uh, relax and recover:)

yipwt said...

you are such a bubbly person..full of positive energy..

really admire that...:P

robtherunner said...

No surprise that you're antsy while you sit on the sidelines. You'll be up and running in no time. I hope you decide to make the race in July.

Greg Pressler said...

CHANCE of a DNF? Isn't there ALWAYS a chance of a DNF? There is for me!

For you...not so much.

Patience, grasshopper...patience.

Thomas said...

I don't envy you for not being able to run. At least my injury still allows me to go out every day, since the pain is definitely manageable.

God, that operation that your sister had to undergo sounds so horrible! I hope she'll get over it.

All the best. May your consecutive-100 weekends come true one day!

Gabe said...

Just try to enjoy the downtime for now. It is easy for me to say but It would drive me crazy not being able to run for that long too. Back to back 100's is a mighty task, especially considering the ones you would do. Stay positive and stay strong.

Meghan said...


Let me know if I can help on getting you to the Tetons. Check prices on Bozeman, I could pick you up there and bring you down. Did you check Horizon/Alaska Airlines? Also, my sweetie makes the drive from the Portland area to where Teton Races is in about 12 hours, I think. There is so much powerhiking on this course that you'd do very well! I wish you would be there! :)


Bret said...

Glad the surgery is over. Enjoy your no running days. I always come back stronger after a good rest. Too bad on the cost of those darn airline tickets. I work for one of those expensive companies. I would get you a reduced fare pass but the passenger loads are so heavy, especially in the summer you never know if you will make it on the flight these days. I even buy tickets when I have to be there now. See ya at PCT next month.

Team Ragan said...

i know what you mean, since my chest problem came up, I haven't been running either. getting checked out monday though *fingers crossed*. sorry to hear about your sister, and I hope she's doing alright. it's really true when people say "As long as you've got your health, you're in good shape."

DawnB said...

glad everything went well. Just think how rested you'll be when all this is over with

Sarah said...

Good news about your sister! I hope she continues to do well. I'm getting excited about PCT too! Take it easy and you'll be out there running again in no time. : )

Travis said...

PCT 50 is going to be great. I'll be flying solo and in from Thurday-Monday due to airline schedules. If you need help setting up and tearing down, let me know, I'll be glad to help!!!

Anonymous said...


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