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Saturday, May 12, 2007


First of all, a plug in - I just got a phone call from Rick, who PR'd on Quicksilver 50M course by half an hour in 8:31 after a grueling yet satisfying triathlon race a weekend before at Wildflower!!! Man, he is in shape, how in the world are we supposed to run Bighorn 100M together?? Tom's famous brother Jeff finished second in 6:44!! WS, here he comes! I love getting reports from races:)

I honestly cross-trained the whole week (boy, was I BORED!), although I was lucky enough to get my Marathon & Beyond magazine that week, so at least I could catch up on reading and not shoot someone at the gym while pedaling the elliptical. The pain is much better, thank you very much for your concirn, not completely gone, but doesn't make me panic anymore.

I taped my shin and met with Gail and Mike today at the Herman Creek campground for the proposed route (well, Mike planned a longer day, so he only wanted to join us for the first 14 miles of it). It was fun as usual wiuth this group, and while we chit-chat our way up the first hill which was the regular site of my hill repeats last 2 years (3 miles and almost 2,500 feet see pics here) and still made it only 3 min slower than I did last year. that was so good to know, we didn't even push it that hard, although I did run those ups that were not "vertical"! At the top I complained on my feet - I took a new pair of finally arrived Montrail Nitrus (I alsways do, but probably because I know the shoes very well) - this is a new release from our sposnors, and they do not work out of box for me! I had pain on the bottom of my feet like hell! Some time further up Mike suggested to take insoles out - and it was good one. While my feet felt awkward and were lsiding around, the pain subsided and I was moving better. We began hitting snow drifts pretty soon, but still runnable. What were we thinking? Going, going, cut-off to Herman creek trail - 4 feet of snow, unmarked trail and LOST!!! I mean, we first followed cut-in blazes on the trees, but then they disappeared. This is my thrid time (last one here) on this portion in the snow, and every time we get lost there, on a mere mile connection trail! Insane:) We wandered around looking for a way for about an hour before deciding to retrieve our steps and just go back. Mike left us soon after for his adventures (he just called in alive and well), and we took it all the way to Benson plateu and PCT. I got some hot spots on my feet from sliding and some minor tendinitis on the outside of the left ankle, but other than that, 27 miles and 7,500 fett of climb is checked. I came home and iced every spot I could find.
What brought me to thinking again about my so far going not the great direction year. Mike mentioned on the run that he believes in a 3 years cycle - 2 years build-up and a year of piling up speed (where he is right now), and I remembered how *tc emailed me three times the same thing - be patient, build up, because this is what Master G taught him some time ago too. Now it makes sense to me! I had a couple of good ultrarunning years after 2 years of "building" by running shorter races, then after last year's injury and break body went into new cycle! I like this! Now I have a perfect understanding how I shouldn't push "above and beyond" quite yet and expect great results, and that's why every time I do - I get a new nagging injury. Well, lets be patient. I am in this for a long ride, right?

I'll do a shorter and slower version tomorrow, and I also would like to share some parts from Marathon & Beyond with you, but for now - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ladies! And best to folks who is running the inagural Tacoma marathon, as well as to Rob to handle all the volunteers.

As Michelle says it: signing off from somewhat cloudy Portland, OR, tired but happy and at peace - Maniac and Montrail trail runner Olga who smiles no matter what life throws at her:)


  1. jeff had a good run at quicksilver too. he was second to grahm cooper who set a course record 6:39, jeff finished 6:44. he had no real expectations just like last year at miwok. afterall, he just came off 222 miles in 11 days. happy mothers day.

    saw david terry in the Nitros last week doing his 50 for the day.

  2. How strange that taking the insoles out would feel better! I'm glad you got out for a run today - good job on the cross-training and resting all week. I know that was hard for you.

  3. Great that you're healing up! Take it slow and easy.. and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

  4. Happy mothers day Olga!

    So glad you had a good Gorge run. It's also very good to hear that the aches and pains have subsided a little.

  5. Happy Mother's Day to you, Olga! You're a great role model for the young ones.

  6. Happy Mom's Day to you! Have you tried the enduro-soles from Montrail, yet? I LOVE them! I use them in my road shoes and trail shoes. I must admit that I was scared to try the Nitrus...and after reading your blog, even more so.

    Have a great week!

  7. Not bad...not bad at all! : ) Yeah, we got stuck in snow in that area too. Glad to hear the pain is subsiding! I think I tried on the Nitrus (or something new) and while I've liked all other Montrail shoes, I don't think they are for me either.

    Happy Mother's Day! : )

  8. Anonymous13/5/07 21:02


    tc was indeed very patient in his build-up and it was fun watching his progression. The difficult part is respecting your speed once you have it and not get greedy.

    Happy building!

  9. OLGA SAID:I was lucky enough to get my Marathon & Beyond magazine that week, so at least I could catch up on reading and not shoot someone at the gym while pedaling the elliptical.
    LOLOL ahhh Olga, you would rather just want to run 20-30 miles everyday huh? ( I know)

    well Dear another good post!

    About 10 years ago now, I asked for more patients and a wise friend of mine said "PATIENTS is NEVER Granted it is LEARNED" and it sounds to me like you are learning it, way to go!! & Happy MOM's day, YOU ROCK!

  10. Happy Mother's Day to you! If it makes you feel any better, I find the elliptical bo-rrrring, too - and I love my time in the gym.

  11. Happy Mother's Day Olga. You're an amazing runner!

  12. Olga,

    Happy -belated- Mother's Day!

    And, I'm SO happy to hear that your leg is feeling better and that you were able to get in a good run on it.


  13. Jeff, he must have been the guy with the Sunsweet shirt on. If it was him, he was pretty cool. Smiled every time I saw him, was leading at one point in the race. Thanks for the plug! The downhills tenderized my legs pretty good. Wasn't able to fully bomb the downs towards the end of the race. Maybe it was the harder effort throughout and the race last week but just for good measure I'm going to throw in some hill repeats this weekend and I've decided to run the Mt. Diablo 50k on June 2nd as well.

    Speaking of which I am glad you are feeling better. At least good enough to pull off 27 miles and 7,500ft.

  14. happy late mother's day, and keep smiling sweetie!

  15. OK, note to self - don't try to keep up with Jeff at WS.

    A belated Happy Mothers Day to you Olga! Sounds like you had a very nice run this weekend from Herman Creek. Did you wear a black shirt this time?

    Keep up the X-Training and the smiles!


  16. Hi Olga. Here's to (I'm lifting my giant mug of ice water) looking at the big picture, the overall scheme of things, and the long haul.

  17. Wow, I'm floored, 27 miles is an off day for you! Is maniac your middle name? Great work Olga.

  18. I'm sure you had a wonderful Mothers Day!!! I know its torture but I'm glad to see you taking it easy!!

  19. Happy Mothers day to you!! Thanks for all of the encouragement you have given me, I really apprecaite it. I am looking forward to a little rest after my 2 50's in a month's time and then getting back at it. I've got to put on a good showing at PCT50. Oh and the spa you recomended has a Babymoon suite just for the expecting parents,how awesome is that?!

  20. Anonymous15/5/07 16:59

    Wow, I wish I had a role model like you when I was young. Happy Moms Day!

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  21. Life has thrown a lot at you and you are as tough as can be. Sounds like a great run and thanks for the good thoughts my way.

  22. Happy (late) Mother's Day! I hope yours was great! =) I always love reading your blog. You are awesome.

  23. Happy Mom's Day, Olga! I hope you're feeling well enough for SS50. I ran Quicksilver and got to witness Jeff Riley's super-smiley finish, but didn't see Rick! How weird we would miss each other. He is going fast these days, that's for sure.


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