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The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Ultra Forum

Hey-ya, guys! Jamie from Maine, who is a good blogging friend of mine, had launched a new ultra page. I am still checking it out, it is brand new with few discussions going, but here what I understand about it: it supposed to work like forums at Runner's world or you know, all the other website I never visit yet hear lots about, and might even be a good addition (don't think substitute will ever happen) to the ultra list. I mean, I know forums have very nice topics, I just never got a chance and tiem to go there. May be this one can get linked to my blog, this way I make sure to check it out? After all, it's an ultra forum, long distance is what I do (or trying to).

Anyway, please chack it out, introduce yourself and leave a mark., Everything starts with something:) And while you're at it, why not head over to Jamie and wish him a speedy recovery from a torn meniscus surgery he just had.

Just on a personal note to this post - I HATE mile repeats! I hate them passionately, with all my might...but strangely after them I feel awesoemly alive, and like I'd done something, and like I'm worth something, and like things are gonna be alright...Oh, and I pulled two toenails yesterday along with skin underneath (I get blisters under the toenail into the toenail bed, and in a few days after the whole thing rises filled with crap and the only way to gte rid of pain is to cut it all off) - I was thinking about posting a picture - Michelle would have been so proud of me! - but then thought some more and skipped this part. I am going to Bikram studio today!

Peterson Ridge Rumble 2005
photo curtesy of Glenn Tachiyama


  1. Asthma, toenail problems, absolutely loving mile repeats...how much more can we possibly have in common? >:) The Hornet Juice sounds interesting. The name alone sounds interesting. I am loving my Nuun tablets though. Especially the part where you drop it in and it fizzes. Signed, your easily amused friend, Kendra.

  2. Thanks Olga! Very nice of you! :-)

    And Bikram Yoga is amazing. Haven't done it in a while, but I should start again.

  3. hmm is that a pic of Olga blowing by Rob--hehe

    Rob what's up bro :-) ok just kidding I know u guys finished with the same time, well Rob being the gentleman he is let Olga beat him by one second...very nice Rob. Great Pic!

  4. Mile repeats! Now that is really pushing it hard, good job. Are you doing those all out on the track....if so that's awesome work and very hard...keep it up. Sweat some for me at Bikram :)

  5. Aw, the toe pictures would be gross and cool. I looked at Lisa B's pictures of her toenail removal surgery - that was decidedly gross.

    Hope the toes feel better soon! (It sure is nice to write that to someone else for a change!)

  6. ...you know what they say: "Race your strengths; train your weaknesses"...just think of the unpleasantries as necessities to make you stronger!

    I have pretty severe asthma myself, frequent ER trips, etc. so I can relate to that!


  7. Ouch on the toenails! And least it sounds painful. Off to check out that link....

  8. Hey, who's that runner behind you? And why are you smiling, but I am looking a little ragged? I'm behind in more than just running at the moment. 7 more weeks of student teaching and then I may have my life back. Take care of you!