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Friday, April 14, 2006

Hate-love relashionship with track.

You know how it is with long distance runners and track workouts – it’s insanely tough to make yourself go and do all this fast stuff and hard breathing, but it gives you a quick fix of satisfaction…well, usually, anyway.

Today was a 3x1M repeats inside a 9M run. My right shin slightly swelled up, but was gone by the time I started. The rain drizzled early on, but relaxed by the time I started. So here we go, first mile. Why does it feel that when you go towards headwind, it knocks you out, and when you have it tailing, you don’t feel the difference? First half of each track lap was very windy, and it continued to get stronger (the wind that is) as the time progressed, blowing away my hat on second repeat. 7:18. Difficult to make a quick leg turn over after all the miles (I logged 50 this week by the time track begun). I walk a lap and, as usual, give myself permission to bail at any point. I am already quite pleased with the time. Second – legs heavier, but I count laps and tell myself it’s the last interval. 7:12. Walk another lap, figuring if I should go for the last one or not get disappointed (just in case). Start on third, wind is not nice, legs are wobbly, I feel struggling and prepare for bad time. I go through 1000m and sneak a peek on my watch – 4:20, exactly where I was last year at this time doing 1000m repeats with Scott. Contemplate at stopping, but continue on. Last mile in 7:10. Wow! Each of intervals is 20 sec faster than same workout a month ago! So, there is a progress. Turn out to roads to cool down for 30 min, last mile almost dragging – felt so lousy. But satisfied nevertheless.

My hip joints are definitely adjusting to the new disposition as they hurt, and then my left shin – the bone itself this time – is aching, and I am not liking this particular pain. I guess when I run with full-blown compartment, the swelling prevents other parts of the legs to notice the work and pain, or to put pressure on them, kind of like cushion. Something to ponder on.

The weather for tomorrow is promised to be as miserable as always for John’s race. He just seems to have some ill relationship with the Guy upstairs, though people still love his races. He puts so much effort into each of them (not that any RD doesn’t), I am happy many more runners signed up than he originally was afraid of. Sweeping duty is awating me, lets have some fun!


  1. Nice track work Olga! Yep, it's gonna rain tomorrow. It has been raining non-stop since yesterday afternoon. Sometimes it lightens to a drizzle, but then it comes down hard again. Bring lots of warm and dry stuff.

  2. Nice track workout. I am still working on my baby steps and sticking to 400's and not too fast. I really wish I could be there tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous14/4/06 16:24

    You should ask your coach what the purpose of the repeat miles workout is. I "think" it is to help balance the development of your fast and slow twitch muscles, and developing your cardiovascular system in ways that ultrarunning don't normally push.

    Do you have a mileage and time fixation? Your coach, Lisa, usually focuses her runners on workouts of a fixed time (not how many miles you run). I know she has people time their repeats and interval workouts, but usually in the context of perceived level of effort (race pace, hard, medium, easy or in %'s of effort). This gets you to know your body more intimately. Ultimately, if you trust your coach and trust her workouts, your BIG payday will be on race day. Otherwise, you inadvertently have your best races during your workouts chasing times or distances or mins/mile.

  4. I don't have a fixation, I run by time, but for purposes of putting it in a log book (since the road days) I translate it into miles, so that's how it goes. And it's easier for everybody else to talk miles vs "hours" of run.
    As for speedwork - that was prescribed as mile repeats, btw.

  5. Olgs..7:10 mile? Excellent...I'm jealous, haven't been on a track in so long!!

    Great job, enjoy tomorrow!

  6. Oh, and I know why I am supposed to do speedwork too, I've been doing it since I started running and never really stopped - the repeats are longer, and not as often as used to be. It doesn't mean I am supposed to love it, does it?

  7. Good job getting out there, didn't you say 5AM, ugh... I started doing track workouts this year for the first time in my life and now I love them.

    Keep an eye on that shin!

  8. I've done track workouts where the wind seems to be swirling clockwise while I'm running counterclockwise. Funny what fatigue does to our perceptions.

    Nice job with the workout.

  9. Nice it ended as a love relation thanks to a great performance!

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  11. Oh yes, the joys of speed work. There isn't a runner who could talk for hours about both the dread and the satisfaction.

    Well done. I didn't even know that you ultra guys and girls are doing mile repeats just like us mere marathoners.