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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Last run here.

This is Thursday, the day of my last pre-race run, a short jaunt of 30 min. I dragged it all day - actually, was busy. I went to meet my friend and team-mate Theresa to get a team t-shirt from her, as the Montrail package hasn't arrived yet, and we chatted and gossiped for awhile. Then I ran some errands, picked up the kids, emailed a bunch of people and finally, when it was pretty late, decided to get it over with. It was silly to drive to the gym for a 30 min treadmill thing, and trails were dark (and wet) by now, soo...I went on roads! I hate roads, with big capital "H". Besides the fact that they aggravate my compartment syndrom (yes, it did), and the "wonderful" sound and site of cars zipping by, the drivers, argh, the drivers! Even though I wear a reflective vest and make a point to go behind a car at the corner, I still get threatened every time! Anyway, good pace means good pace. I went on this little loop I used to do a year ago (before I committed myself to dirt), and I am not sure what the exact mileage, I figured by car just under 4M. So last February I was doing it in the morning in 35-36 min. Today I went pretty fast, and despite the fact that my chest wasn't opening up completely to inhale, and the left shin tightened up, it felt quite effortless. I only noticed those inclines I used to call "hills", and how I didn't even break a stride. I kept it even, and when finished, couldn't believe my watch - 28 min! It may not sound all that great, but I really suck at short distances, really much, especially on my own. So I was happy, a nice boost before tomorrow's flight. On the down side, it is going to rain pouring there, one day, on Saturday! How hilarious! OK, no negative thoughts, get ready, set, out...it will be over before I know it. On another thought...it's on fire roads, what means I will blister on the balls of my feet at mile 10. I was going to try that method with vaselining my feet and keeping socks on, but with this fly totally forgot. So no big surprises, just the usual...pain. Yet again, no negative thoughts!!! I am going!


  1. That was a fast run today. The road is your friend. Have fun at Avalon.

  2. 7 min/mile pace is pretty fast. I guess you're in good shape for tha race.

  3. Good running to you at Avalon. I know what you mean about pavement. I've basically quit running on it, but when I do, it's weird how easy the "hills" seem, and how fast you can zip along on the unencumbered surface.

  4. I have yet to try trail running, but I think I would like it. I'll trade you my roads for you trails for a week . . . ?

  5. Good luck at Avalon! The weather down here looks as if you may not get much of a storm during the run. I have used the "glide" stuff on my heels to prevent blisters in my Montrail Hardrocks and it seemed to work. It would probably work better on the balls of your feet than petroleum jelly. Of course you're probably not going to see this until after the race, but maybe try it on future fire road runs :)

  6. Soo...How did it go!? I'm on pins and needles!

    Johnny and I kept thinking of you and the rest of our Tucson runners who were at Avalon throughout the day yesterday, wondering how everyone was doing...hopefully you feel well with however you did!