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Friday, August 12, 2016

Adventure links

Now that I am sort of done with Race Reports link (at least for the time being), I decided to add a compilation of adventure reports. After all, I live for this! I didn't write them for the reasons to be shared, and not all of them are here (well, definitely not the short ones done in the midst of my ultra-running life), but some multi-days backpacking trips did make it to the separate posts, so here is the start. The link to this hopefully regularly updating post will permanently live HERE.

Charleston Mtn storm, April 2009

Humphreys circle, May 2011

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, October 2011

Grand Teton loop and around, July 2013

Wonderland trail, September 2014

Pikes Peak "self-marathon", July 2015

Tahoe Rim Trail, August 2015

Oregon section of PCT, July 2016

Pecos wilderness, August 2016

No Cal section of PCT (Tahoe to Chester), July 2017

Colorado Trail 485 M, July 2018

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