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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Team R,W&B running camp.

In case you haven't heard yet, I'll be a part of THIS AWESOME CAMP in November on Veteran's day weekend. It is a 2nd year for the camp put on by Liza Howard, Joe and Joyce Prusaitis and Alison and Jason Bryant. Just so you know - this camp is for EVERYONE! Not only for vets - who are coming fully financially supported by the organization. This camp is put on for the reasons to build a COMMUNITY between vets and regular folks, to help vets merge in after them serving, to teach valuable running skills to ALL levels and abilities of ALL people that sing up.

The panel of ELITE runners who will share their wisdom is INSANE!
Darcy Africa , Meghan Arbogast , Annette Bednosky, Sage Canaday, Katie DeSplinter, Matt Hart, Melanie Fryer, Dominic Grossman, Dave James, Max King, Nikki Kimball, Sabrina Little, Stephen Moore, David Riddle, Pam Smith, Paul Terranova.

Then we have local folks who will be helping to serve, talk, show, have fun, tag along, laugh, yell...you know, those things I love to do, so YES!, I will be part of the camp this year! I may even give a massage or few! :)

For $260, which includes lodging and meals, you can run at Camp Eagle, where the Tejas Trails' race Nueces (in March) usually happens (and I volunteer every year after winning its inaugural year), play in the river, boulder, zipline, bring family, swim, kayak, and sleep in bunk houses. That is BY FAR cheaper than any running camp you had ever read about - ANY!

And last but not least, we also want to provide each of the veterans with some basic trail running gear –  a handheld water bottle, headlamp, and running socks.  We’re going to try to get as much donated as possible this year.  If you have a sponsor or connection who would like to support the camp with that kind of gear or any other basic gear, please let us know.  Drymax is going to donate trail running socks for each of the veterans with the Team RWB logo.  We're happy to support the companies donating with recognition during the camp and on the website etc., and any way we can.

Spread the word, and come on over!
Camp's main website!


Thomas Bussiere said...

Thanks for doing this for our Vets. Sounds like an awesome training camp with some incredible ultra running talent.

ultrarunnergirl said...

I'll definitely spread the word. This sounds fantastic!

Sadly, my travel calendar is already packed full for 2013. Hopefully I will get the chance to run with you somewhere, soon!

Anonymous said...

Olga, I don't know if this is fate or what but I stumbled across this in my never ending attempt to catch up on blogs ... I don't know if you remember me but we corresponded a lot a few years ago (especially I DNR'd out of the San Diego 100 in 2007). Anyway, I am retired in Seattle and just recently joined up with Team RWB. I had heard about this camp but since I just joined, I don't think they are too hot about sending people to these camps fully paid when you are new. I told them I wanted to go to this camp but they said their sponsorship was full this year, maybe next. But like an ultrarunner named Olga once taught me.. make relentless forward progress. I think I can afford the cost of the camp but the travel might be a bridge too far so I will see what I can do. But if I can swing it, I would be thrilled not only to see all the talent there and the classes, but meet an old friend. I just joined, just inquired about this very race, and randomly caught your webpage with an entry about this... sounds like fate to me.

Olga said...

Of course I remember you, Jason! Please do come if you can, and I'd love to see you again!

Anonymous said...

I'll let you know .. the airfare is running about $240 into San Antonio.

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