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Monday, July 22, 2013

Behind in writing, but not in living.

I am back to training. Back to working all my 5 hundred jobs and vocations, back to cooking, to yoga, to knitting, and to even reading! Yes, it's been a little crazy, kind of the way it usually is.

In a nutshell: on the morning of July 13th (Saturday) I threw down a 14M trail run - and while I wasn't sure how it'll go (I struggled with 4 miles juts a couple days prior) - I was not only pleased, but fully back. Running one my of my loops, I got my "normal" time at it (not fast, but not slow, just what I do when I just go run), and that allowed me to determine I am ready to begin a next training cycle. Having gone last year through adrenal fatigue due to jumping into training too early had made me extremely cautious these days.

Later that night I went to volunteer at the 2nd in series of night races of Tejas Trails Capt'n Karl 30k/60k. Below are a few photos of the fun times (first by Cris Strong, next three by Melissa Fisher).

Who is the Boss? Telling orders to runners 
at the Mule Shoe night races. No littering, no 
hanging out at my AS, no dropping allowed! :)

Next week I was full-IN for the training! "Killed" my ladies at Bootcamp, did a hill road loop, a hill repeats treadmill workout, an interval workout (800's), all the weights, and then tackled a 17M run with 10 Hill Of Life repeats on Saturday! Funny how the flat portion felt horrible, and the hills were awesome, I actually ran parts of them - with all the support of random other "repeaters" and consuming VFuel gel chased down with EnduraFuel. Legs and mood - A+++!

So, by Sunday I was pooped and dragged my legs through some technical hills of an 8M trail loop. That and I am in a desperate need of more yoga! My hamstrings are screaming! But next week is going to be as busy, and will have an drive-up-North short race to add. Ah, that recovery time was good...

I am excited to begin this next stage of the year getting me to Grindstone 100, and while I am at it, I signed up for Ozark 100 a month later after this one to support Larry and his (3rd year!) trip to have him run ahead of me and settle the score:) We shall see how that goes...

Did some freind's duties, seeing some friends this week, managed some family (Russian side of it) disasters as well as I could, smiled, laughed, made decisions, and, well, keep on living my life.

What I am guessing you are up to as well:)

Carry on!


Sarah said...

Awesome. Yay for training....Grindstone won't know what hit it! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Olga! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!

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