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Friday, January 20, 2012

Small stuff, which we shouldn't sweat, even if we sweat during it.

I am working hard and fighting tooth and nail to keep fitness level and even up it a notch. I came to almost enjoy spin classes (5 times a week) to the point I don't care who instructor is (some really suck) as long as I give it an absolute honest push. Apparently, my HR could go up to 240 at max? Is it even possible? But that's what the count says at the top of my panting loud interval. I even bought a stationary bike for home and stuck it in the office, where I add on some even-paced moderate effort spins at times (and so does my step-son when he is with us). On two of the days of the week that don't provide spin class at 5:30 am (for which I wake up at 4:30 am and hear Larry's "why" as I drag him with me twice a week), I crack a StepMill high and pound climbing. All 5 days include weight training. The weekend go for "longer runs", which combines of hopping between StairMaster-Spin Class-StepMill-Elliptical for 2 hrs total. May be I'll try a short jog on trails tomorrow. Yes, and I've been religious with PT 2xday. Bikram yoga's great, we have a new instructor on Mondays and I love her to pieces so I now switched to Monday. She reminds me of me back in NYC: force, sarcasm, gentle push, great stories, cracking jokes, remembering people's names, encouraging, hands-on (neither is often seen at Bikram studio due to franchised way of a monolog and standing on a "podium"). Also want to go back to Ashtanga on Wednesdays at the gym, but this week American Idol began, and it's a family affair (don't judge, my kids hooked me up on it back 10 seasons ago, so I haven't missed one yet). I am going to DVR next week and squeeze everything in. Do I see results? How would I know if I don't run? Thus I want to try, but last Sunday on a 2M trail hike with my son one mile was one too much for my foot. It was still beautiful, the River Trail (a.k.a. Staircase) being the best urban gem in Austin. I miss it so much...

On a positive note, my girlfriend is going to use my registration for 3M Half-marathon, so I feel much better - the money is not wasted and somebody very dear to me can benefit (she couldn't afford to pay for it at the moment) while reviving her resolve to train and run. That is good.

Work is finally gotten into a smooth full schedule (science, you know, after a long break experiments need to pick up, cells to grow, blah-blah, unlike Larry dove head first and disappeared in his numbers and presentations). I had taken a back-sit with my business to make sure I provide stability to my son while he is finishing up high school (to ensure I am home same time in the evenings), and keeping a base-level at it for a few friends as well as to have the certification fresh and up to date. But I had began dreaming of going full-time into it once Stephen is out. It's a far-fetched plan (2.5 years away), but it is what it is. We all make decisions based on what's best for us.

I plan to visit Portland for a day at the end of February to see my older son, Alex (thank God for reward miles and free ticket). He actually takes a class at PCC, and I hope he stays at it. That's as much as I can say at the moment.

My sister had an oral surgery yesterday, but it was done poorly, and she was hospitalized today for more surgery. It's Friday night there, and the weekend is coming. WTF? When she had a surgery done for her colon cancer, the first round they left a piece of gauze and a plastic tube in. As in "forgot". She had to be opened up again. My parents are too old/sick/not mobile. I feel pretty crappy, but all I can do is pray (I can't even call to talk to her).

Life is going on. Winter has always been a little on a SAD side, even when in Texas. But we always rebound, right? So we will, again, this year.

I dream of mountains and trails.


Danni said...

I am impressed by all your exercising! That is terrible about your sister.

Sarah said...

Keep on keeping on! Hope all is well with your sister.

Larry said...

I'll never complain about 5am again after the new 4:30am wake-up calls... :)

JeffO said...

You're juggling way better than anyone else can.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Dream on my friend, and make them come true.
Great job on the cross training. It will pay dividends when you can run hard again.
240 max HR - I would be dead. WOW.

Steve Ansell said...

I wish I was half as dedicated as you are when injured even when I am well. You'll be back out on the trails sooner than you know it! Best wishes to your sister.

Carilyn said...

I totally understand about balancing life with kids, business, and training. I always think about what Eunice Shriver always said (and I'm paraphrasing): "You do everything you want. Just not all at the same time." Sometimes I get impatient, but I know that I just have to do the best I can. Sounds like you're really doing a good job at keeping it all in perspective.

Jacob Evans said...

Amen to dreaming of mountains and trails!!!!! i'm gonna need to pick you and Larrys heads about HR soon. I've decided to head up and volunteer/train and need to know the basics :) There's only so much I can pester Joe. Hope to see you guys at Rocky. I'm gonna be out at Damnation volunteering all weekend.

Rick Gaston said...

240?! That's the highest I've heard. Crazy. I feel for Larry….4:30 am twice a week? Ouch. Sorry to hear about your sister and her health troubles. Tough being far away. I have hills and trails in abundance, I'm just not fit enough for them yet. Many can walk them but I want to be running them? Preaching to the choir I know, hope your foot gets better sooner rather than later.

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