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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Olympic Trials Marathon in Houston

6 hours drive and 3 hours cheering...that's our Saturday for inspiration. Larry took about 350 photos, and I cropped and downloaded a handful of those I care for HERE. Between being totally in awe and trying to digest the perfect form, we managed to yell our heart out for a few of friends of ours - yes, ultrarunners! They can be fast too! The Team USA is going to be great! Max King is the most versatile runner in my memory, Josh Cox displayed his usual speed, Mike Wardian had a rough day. Devon Crosby-Helms had shown all how to go for the goal once set so far out of reach, and Meghan Arbogast is simply not letting age define her - and her 4th Olympic Trials at 50. What a morning!
Men's results
Women's results


Sarah said...

Great pictures! Must have been awesome to be there!

Pam said...

Awesome shots! Great to have ultra-runners representing! I know your cheering meant a lot to me last weekend and I am sure everybody appreciated you yelling like only you can at the trials. Now get better so we can cheer for you!

David Jacobson said...

Excellent pics! You're right, the American teams look strong!

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