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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gorge rave run

Can you say - what comes down must come up? I've been having a wonderful week so far in all the fronts (OK, I don't know how it sounds on English, but that's what we say ever since World War II) and smiling my way through. I had a fabulous run on Monday with Mike and Gail who were recovering from Ronda's "abuse" during the weekend training, and I was able to run all the hills, feeling pretty perky (only slowing down to let them rest - can you believe it??). Then on Tuesday the tiredness did hit me (and so did the bladder infection - yes, I got it again, rumor is after the first time it'll follow me around every time I forget to hydrate, so I've battled it since Saturday night), and I shuffled around the track watching Mike pounding intervals. By Wed I was like new and asked Gail to supervise my hill repeats in Forest park - and she did, as I charged up the Pittock hill on both side (I ran every step of it, something I haven't done in a couple of years, and while this 1M up's might not be all that strenious, I was happy). So Thursday rolls around, and we are set for the Gorge run...

Now, let me backtrack a bit. When I proposed Thursday Gorge Runs, I thought of them as a hill workout, the one I can't seem to fit in on the weekend. But honestly, they had become much more of a soul cleansing experiences where I personally totally forget about working and just enjoy the nature and my dearest friends. After first 2.5M hill climb that we take on at a snail pace and laugh and chat and make fun of each other, the "schedule" is that Gail and Che go ahead, and Mike sticks with me at whatever I feel I want to do, likely pretty slow. We make a 10M loop there with probably just under 3,000 feet of gain and on average finish in 2:45 with pictures taking, stops, punches and giggling.

Such was the start today too. It is unbelievable how much we can discuss things even though we see each other almost every day, but we always have lots of fun. Mike is showing off the "pose" for better picture. Gail is not learning the trick but looking beautiful as she is:) Che is thirsty, a great companion needs to drink! Group hug after scolding each other with "compliments".

By the top of the hill Gail was out of the view running away from us. I am trying to pretend to look gorgeous. How did I do?

We went on Angel's trail and kind of worked a bit, but still not too much, talking about races and training, and there...as we turned onto Devil's climb...Mike managed to ask me: "So, would you like to put some hard training runs in the Gorge as you used to for the Peak training Phase?" Duh! He shoudl know me better than that! Only I can tell me when and what to do! Because been a girl, all I heard was "you're slow and I am tired running behind you". Now, I know he didn't mean it this way, and whatever he did was in good spirit, but man, did I get mad! I sent him out of my way and for a while felt like a useless creature...and then (I guess he does know me after all, getting pissed off and running by myself I always run harder, may because I don't talk, may be because I have nobody to whine to and I don't whine to myself, may be because I don't stop to appreciate the surroundings, may be because I want to be done sooner...) I took off. I was still climbing, and then it was a long long downhill.
Trilliums are so many on trails this year, as I never seen before!!! At one trail point where I know it takes me 35 min to get all the way down always (my downhills usually mean I relax and let it flow is it comes) I put the "mean face" on and charged.
Me getting ready to take on THAT downhill.
Less than a mile later, coming down the rock field, I cam across Gail - she was passed by Mike (and very surprised he ditched me) and decided to wait for me. I let her know I am "working it" and flew by like a mad woman. Half-way the descent I came across walking Mike and didn't stop, releasing a "name calling". Apparently, as he tried to hang behind for a minute, he fell and hit his knee, so I kind of feel bad about it now, but then I didn't:) If I remember correctly, Dave Stevenson (who witnessed me doing similar thing) called it "3 minute miles". Of course it wasn't THAT fast, but I got all the way to the bottom in 26 min, 9 min faster than usually!
Looking very happy to finish first.
Sometime after I see Gail and her doggie (and still no Mike, what bothered me, and Gail told me he is walking with a bummed knee). Gail and Che are in! Mike hobbling down - look what he's got!

All in all, I felt good to get some effort into my run. May be - just may be - I'll do it again:) And we got new trail names for ourselves: the Downhill B* (DB - me) and Uphill B* (UB - Gail). Bushwhacker will just have to live with simple "Our B*":) I am sure he appreciates it.

Now I have a ton of work to do, have a great time this weekend everybody!!!

Just for fun:
From Wikipedia -
Olga or Olha is an East Slavic female given name derived from the Old Slavic Volga (free man).
I knew I am a free spirit!


AnthonyP said...

Glad your week has been wonderful. You always seem to have such fun runs !

Anonymous said...

Mike runs with a tough crowd :) Glad you are having a good week on all fronts. It sounds just great in English.

Danni said...

(in my best fernando voice):
you look mahvelous - absolutely mahvelous. . . it's better to look good than to feel good. . . (do they show SNL in Russia? :p)

Of course, you look good AND feel good this week -- nice!

Sarah said...

...that looks so nice.... : )

Meghan said...

Beautiful photos, Olga!

Thank goodness that's what your name means! What would you do if Olga meant something like, "caged bird" or "straight and narrow" or "likes it even keel" Oh man, that would be a mismatch!

Have a great weekend!

rick said...

Ya I'm sure he loves his new name, a new name for his new knee injury. Nice run. It feels so good to have runs like that.

mtnrunR said...
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mtnrunR said...

good training. way to run at mee walkkkkk

Carilyn said...

Hey you! I'm sorry about the rough weekend, but it sounds like you handled it with grace. Isn't amazing how we can have all kinds of issues before and during a race but then can't wait for the next one?!

Your Gorge run sounds like a blast. I've had runs where I've gotten p.o.'d at something and ended up having the best run. Maybe it's good for us once in awhile :)

Bob Gentile said...

Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)

Great Training run on da hills, way to Go!

sian said...

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was looking at your blog and wow...you are really into running.

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kendrara said...

Those trails look so beautiful and inviting. I am noticing the trillium this Spring too, aren't they so pretty? good training, girl! i mean, Free Woman.

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