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Monday, May 12, 2008

Brooms of the Trails!

It's been a great weekend. After Friday's Wildwood run and going back and forth on "I am coming to the Mac - I am not coming to the Mac" (which I originally signed up for, then found out Stephen has a final track meet, then wanted to volunteer at the start, then had to babysit Max, then Stan took over it for a morning and I confirmed I can sweep some miles...) I woke up on Saturday bright and early and picked up Mike and Cary to car pool to McDonald Forest 50k. This race is 3rd in Oregon Trail Series, and yet another Family Reunion! How could I even imagine I was going to miss out on it??

I drove like a mad one and we came 10 minutes before the early starters went out, so I got to hug and kiss that many more people!
You know I was so psyched to see all my friends, I was going to list each by name, but that’ll take up the whole post. So after we sent out the “first wave”, I walked around and took more shots, chatting up a storm.

Father Clem, the father of PNW ultrarunning community, the originator of MacForest race, the OTS and just an awesome guy.

Haven’t seen Jamshid in ages, he is a crazy dude (and you think ultrarunners in general are nuts) who races across Alaskan territory, bunch of 100’s a year and swims across all the gulfs possible – plain endurance freak.

Jerker is just amazing – he always was, but this year he is elevated into a special status for me: we used to think he is a 100M twice-a-year kinda guy, but he was 4th at Cool 50k, 3rd at Chuckanut 50k, 4th at Miwok 100k (just a week ago) and 3rd here! With all that – just another guy, a great coach and cute to boot!
BTW, I will never forget how we started our friendly encounter. Back at Capitol Peak in 2004 I yelled at him at the AS he served - yup, he was a star, and I was grumpy and cramping - and it was heard "on trail" and put into a poem and published in Ultrarunning magazine:
Olga led into the last aid station
Where Jurek poured a sweet libation.
An e-mail she hadn’t received back from Scott
She left him know it was a bunch of rot.
After cooling on her turn around the Peak
She apologized to Scott, sorta meek.
Scott Jurek has won so many races
And as a volunteer he remembers so many faces.

Ronda is a blasting speedy hard working gal, came here after doing hill repeats and took 6th place! Her always-faithful running buddy Michael M. wears “Black Saturday” shirt as well as Bushwhacker – I slacked out on it, didn’t feel worthy…

Birthday boy Sid (the “keeper” of PNW ultralist) and a co-RD for Mac Ken Ward.

Central OR buddies Darla, Chris and Dan having fun.

Start line – a buzzing place (also showing my horrible ability to take pictures when I am excited, my hands tremor like of a drunken person!)

Mac Brooms – a sweeping crew of Monica, myself, Gail and Tom.

We started towards the intersection with a first small loop some 20 minutes after the gong, and were able to catch every runner coming off the loop and into the woods.

More pictures HERE. Also photos by Jasmine Nahorniac here.

We had a total blast, even though I only had enough time to do the first section before turning back. We fought who gets first to the trail marker (which were aplenty), talked “girl stuff” – and Tom, one more warning, what goes on trail stays on trail, or I will have to cut your tongue off, laughed and enjoyed the beautiful day on a beautiful trail.

Tom and his 3 FB….he knows!

Unfortunately for me, I really had to go by then, and the guys went on to do the 22M total, while I took a trail back to the finish – last 5M section (and had to remember NOT to pull ribbons down as the racers hasn’t come by yet!). I ran this part hard, because I was alone, and because I was very pressed on time, but have to mention that the last 2M soft pine-needled downhill of a perfect grade was a paradise, and I missed out on running the whole race for this experience…

I snuck into the “soup” area, grabbed a bowl and jumped into the car. Ride home was furious, as I arrived just in time to pick up Alex from his “hard labor duty” Stan hired him for and the “little puppies” Stephen and Max and drive them to the track meet. Finals are important!!!

Stephen took 2nd in hurdles and 3rd in 200m races!!! My kid rocks, and on top of it – he loves it too! It was so much fun to watch him hassle it, he made me look like a whiny wuss out there.

On Sunday I dragged Mike’s sorry pathetic ass out on trails, but he bailed on me for a whole workout, so we shortened it – he was sore after his super-performance of 4:53 (and 15th overall – mama-coach knows how to predict times!) and we both were short on time too. I kept leaving him behind, and kept thinking – yeah, I know he just raced a hard 50k, but any day I can kick his butt is a good day, and I’ll brag about it no matter what!

I retired my Odyssey after a year and half of hard work, and stopped at work for some doings. At home Alex had made me breakfast for Mother’s Day! Yummy…unhealthy, but yummy!

I took the little puppies to the pool while put some more miles on a treadmill, and they enjoyed an hour and half of water basketball game.

Then I took them to a “game store” where they indulged into what to buy – and for a left-over money got me a huge chocolate as a Mother’s day present (which I ate, all of it, yes). Alex rented a movie, and I took an hour nap – yay! I dream about day when I don’t have to get up before a crack of dawn and sleep in, may be, till 6am? Better yet, 7am? Nah, not happening…but a nap was good and rare as they get too.

Later my friend Cary took me for a bike ride on the back roads to the Gorge – I haven’t done it since I was a teen, and thought I’d be scared, but I survived and even enjoyed it too. Not to mention I looked hot in all that leather.

All in all, a perfect time, and sorry I occupied all the space with pictures, but I got too little time to write, need to work, and figured that’d be my photo-story. Now the only bad part is that my compartment syndrome is back and my left leg is killing me on the runs. I was very hopeful I won’t see it this year, but, oh, well…not that I am not used to it or something…Hope ya’ll had great weekend too!


Rooster said...

Good to see you on Saturday looking very fit I might add. Thanks for hauling my shirt back to the start area, I knew it was in good hands.

My present for Mother's Day was sleeping in. That's all I wanted since it's been over 1 month since I have slept past 5:15. I made it 6:10 and both Bill and Alex thought my effort was weak. :)

rick said...

Ooof hurdles, I can't imagine running and jumping something that tall now. Stephen's definitely got a big share of the family's athleticism. Yeah I love, love the ultra community. My ride to Quicksilver had to be back home by 6pm so I wasn't able to stay as long as I wanted after the race. I could have stayed there till the sun came down. Just so much fun talking, hanging and catching up with friends. Bleeds some of the stress away and a break from the usual life stuff.

As a response to your post: I think the consistency in my training over the years is starting to pay off. Getting into track last year and continuing this year has done wonders for my running as well. Also the help you gave me on my training back in 2006, heading into WS, has been a major factor. My times have been improving since then. I'll never be up front with Mark or Chikara but I'm doing great and loving it, thanks in a major way to you.

P.S. I caught a bunch of people at the aid stations Saturday.

King Arthur said...

That sounds like a real nice mothers day.

AnthonyP said...

Sounds like a great weekend and Mother's Day. Sorry to hear about the return of your compartment syndrome.

Danni said...

Sounds fun! I think sweeping sounds like a good job for me. Then I would have an excuse to be last! Heal up that compartment :) You've been consistently hitting it hard. I hope you're taking proper rest!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay for such a great weekend, and thanks again for the phone call ((hugs))

Jon said...

He jumps Hurdles too?! So your younger son does Boxing and does Track & Field events...if he does any more sports, he'll be Batman with all that athleticism!

Meghan said...

Hi Olga!

Sounds like you had a good weekend. I can't tell what was the best part about it, but the motorcycle ride sure looks good!

Sorry to hear about the compartment flare-up, I think you've been lucky with that so far. Too bad, and I'm sorry!

Take care,

Laura H said...

Nice photos and recap of the weekend Olga! Glad you had sucha good time - you deserve it! I hope that CS goes away ASAP. Take care!

Will said...

Just found your blog at my buddy's site "I run therefore I'm thirsty". Anyway, keep on bloggin! Your stories are great, as well as your pictures. I'll be checking up on your antics, keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Having fun as always. Yeah those Odessy's have seen better days for sure.

Backofpack said...

You pack your weekends tight! Congrats to Stephen - he looks great in the pics. I like the photo essays, but the story too. Hope that compartment stuff eases up a bit for you soon.

Lisa said...

Great job Olga! You are such a Rock Star. Um, the shoes? How many miles do you accumulate on one pair before trashing? Don't take this the wrong way, but I might not even mow the lawn with those at this point........(LOL!)

Oh, and as for your picture on that website....you are a celebrity as well! Nice smile!

Sarah said...

I'm exhausted reading about your weekend! So much fun packed in! : ) Congrats to Steven. That's so cool.

Bob Gentile said...

LOL I agree with Sarah!!

Your weekends are SO filled up, you really would have a great reality TV Show... But I don't think the camera crew could keep up :-)

Happy Belated MOM's Day-- You Super Mom!!

Matt said...

Glad to hear you kicked Mike's ass on Sunday! The dude had it coming.... if only I could've pulled that off on Saturday....

Anonymous said...

My, my, you do stay buzy. It should be interesting to see what you get up to if you ever retire and have time on your hands.


Anonymous said...


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