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Friday, June 08, 2007

Always be able to adjust your goals

Just in:

June Snow, Winds Cause Travel Problems in Wyoming

Star-Tribune, Wyoming, Associated Press, June 7, 2007

CHEYENNE — Snow, heavy rain and strong wind caused travel problems in parts of Wyoming today.

Up to 8 inches of snow fell in the Big Horn Mountains in northern Wyoming and forced highway officials to close a section of U.S. 14A between Burgess Junction and Lovell.

No unnecessary travel was recommended for U.S. 14 from Dayton to Burgess Junction.

Ronda Holwell, spokeswoman for the Wyoming Department of Transportation, said up to 8 inches of snow had fallen in the area, causing slick spots and poor visibility.

Snow also fell in the higher elevations of northwest, central and southern Wyoming.

Heavy rain caused local flooding in parts of Campbell County, including Gillette, which has received almost double its precipitation average so far this year. Some streets and roadways were closed.

"We're trying to keep our belongings because they mean a lot to us," Gillette homeowner Terry Friedlan said today. He had been up all night setting up sump pumps and sucking up water in his basement with a wet-dry vacuum.

Local flooding was also reported in neighboring Sheridan County, where the community of Story received about 3.31 inches of precipitation Wednesday and today.

"Everywhere there's a creek, it's starting to flood," Story Volunteer Fire Chief Rex Cahhal said Thursday morning.

Strong winds also caused travel problems. An 88 mph wind gust was recorded near Cheyenne.

WYDOT advised no light trailers on Interstate 80 between Walcott Junction and Laramie and north of Cheyenne on Interstate 25 because of high winds.

The state Highway Patrol reported six accidents where tractor-trailer trucks or trailers being pulled by vehicles were blown over in southeast Wyoming.

I ran last Gorge outing this morning (a mere 10, but 5 was on relentless continious downhill gravel road Ronda pointed me too - wish I knew about it earlier, my legs are aching! All's good:) Will squeeze a couple more runs over next 5 days before I leave on Wed. Went to Bikram yesterday, but an idiot instructor who not only turned the heat off, but also opened windows once we got on the floor! It wasn't hot to beging with, I hardly broke cold sweat, he gave me looks when I protested and then tried to joke he'll bring me sweater next time. I got him second time in a raw - I need HEAT training, and Bikram should be a 105F room, I know, I used to teach it!!! 10 min before the end I walked out ticked off. Portland is back to a cold weather with barely 60F if that. I am on taper and getting anxious. I don't know what to expect with wet conditions at Bighorn (when snow will melt, we'll have more wetlands to slog through), but I plan on running strong and not giving up. How is that for goal adjustment? Thanks to everyone for awesome wishes! Can you believe Stan put my blog on his website and I am getting twice as many hits already? Well, ok, I did send him a link to my race reports per Scott Dunlap's suggestion, and it was too much hassle to separate them by names and stick them in report page, and then again, people are visiting from everywhere, I should be over the "scary stage", and yes, I do have quite some links and may be tips and at least a direction where to get more tips:) but does it mean I have to write more, less personal, more promo, or just leave it as is? I can't compare to Masters Scott and Whasatchspeedgoats :) read at your own risk! I talk family problems, menstrual periods, stomach distress, absence of clear mind and planning runs with no plans along with description of dozens of races. I just hope there is no harsh judgment in our lovely community.

Update on June 9: not bad at all

Update on June 10: or may be it is:) Click on 2007 Rocky Mountains, then go to June 9 and June 10 entries. Pics by Sue Norwood

Spring Marsh, wet feet

Porcupine AS, turn-around


Donald said...

Good for you to be on Stan's site - you deserve it! Stay tough this weekend, those weather conditions sound horrible.

Backofpack said...

Olga, your blog wouldn't be your blog if you changed it. No harsh judgements in our running/blogging community!

Sure hope it sweetens up in Wyoming for you!

Jamie said...

Wyoming's weather sounds wackier than Maine's! Very much looking forward to your race report, I know you'll do great.

Bikram yoga.. I've done that a few times. It's great! Cool you used to teach it.

Gabe said...

Keep it the way it is, unless you don't feel comfortable with that. I hope the weather is your friend, you are prepared though so it will not matter.

maniac hippo said...

I ran in the gorge yesterday too, wasn't it awesome?

As far as Bighorn weather, I have to remind you. If you wanted easy, no surprises, always the same you would be doing competitive knitting, right? Is this the same Olga I know? The worse it is the better she does.

Oh, sorry I just figured it out. As a Russian you don't know anything about snow or bad weather.

Now go kick their butts at Bighorn! We're counting on you.

robtherunner said...

We love you the way you are. Give it to us real just like you always do. Rest well.

Sarah said...

Glad to see the course isn't snowed-in!

Bruce said...

Like everyone else I reckon you've got a cool blog, no need to change anything. Sorry to hear about the yoga teacher, obviously wasn't to clued up on what Bikram is about? Go hard at Bighorn.

DawnB said...

Are we in June!!? the pictures of the course are great!! Have a great race!! looking forward to the report.

rick said...

It looks like we may be fine. You saw those photos on the ultra list right. Very patchy snow on the hills and as so long as no more storms come in we should be able to make it there. The one thing that is causing me worry is the note "Chance of T-Storms" on the forecast. I'm sure they'll update us on the pre-race briefing. Above treeline and exposed seems like a bad place to be if a thunderstorm rolls through. I've no experience on the matter but that's what I've heard.

Sheridan, Wyoming Weather

angie's pink fuzzy said...

don't ever stop being yourself and writing about family problems, menstrual periods, stomach distress, absence of clear mind and planning runs with no plans along with description of dozens of races.

maybe you can add that to your sidebar as a disclaimer? :) and yay for being added to the site!

Bob Gentile said...

OLGA Said: but I plan on running strong and not giving up. How is that for goal adjustment?
LOLOL ya way to adjust ur goals, U slacker :-) (U are Going to do Awesome!

Congrats for getting on Stan's site & don't change anything, YOU keep it REAL and that's what we love...Great Ultra info plus all that other stuff - called life!

Keep speaking (err umm) typing from ur Heart Olga!

Steve said...

You run and live with a big open heart, perfect. Best of luck with the weather at Bighorn 100. I know you will run strong and smart, you always do. I left you a response on Rob's blog, but let me know if you do need a pacer at CCC.


Meghan said...

Best of luck this weekend, Olga! Run tough!


Scott Dunlap said...

Olga -

I wouldn't change your blog one bit. Just more pictures! (ha, ha) Your "voice" is authentic and charming, and it is a pleasure to read.

I bet if you stick to writing what comes effortlessly, like-minded folks from Stan's site will stick around and you traffic will continue to go up and up.

Best of luck at Bighorn this weekend. We will be thinking about ya...


Greg Pressler said...

Olga, thanks for your support during my (overdressed) run yesterday. Badwater training is going well. See http://gregpressler.blogspot.com for the gory details.

You'll do fine at the Horn, regardless of the weather. It's just another variable in this game of life, no?


Larry said...

Olga: Don't change your blog! You wouldn't be you if you changed it. That's why you have such a big fan club. You're going to do awesome at BH. Just from the brief periods I saw you at ZG, you're one tough runner with a lot of heart. Run Strong!

Julie B said...

I'm sorry you are not getting your heat training. Darn. It's been 90F here the past week. I love it! Last night I ran at 85F inbetween the boys baseball game. My normal 1:15 run took me 1:45 in the heat. What a difference! That snow is crazy! Enjoy :) You have a great time, Olga. I'll be thinking of you. I better check the Bighorn website to see how the updates will be posted, or if they will be. Maybe you will see some of my MN friends. Only 1 is running the 100, Al Holtz. I believe all of the others are running the 50M. Have a blast!!

Joe said...

So are you going to give us the location of Rhonda's downhill 5? I'm guessing it is up near Devils Peak but I'm not sure where.
Good luck with everything this week.

Jessica Deline said...

Looking forward to your report. Run hard/smart and more importantly - have fun!

Ryan said...

Sending postive vibes your way and wishing you the best this weekend! Have a great run at Bighorn!

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