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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A quickie

Since Mr. Bob was so worried about my well being, I figured I'd write some short post. My home computer is still "bugged", and blogging is out (as well as many many other sites). It's hard to do it from work, read, leave meaningful comments and write serious entries, and I am not a big fan of just putting a few words.

I've been busy lately, but that's ok. I had a couple of wonderful runs last week. On Saturday Gail and I did 27 miles on Wildwood in Forest Park, it felt great, like I finally got into running groove. I even went faster for the last 10 or so and pulled away from her and Tom R. who we met again on trails. On Sunday Oleg and I took Charlie to the Columbia River Gorge for a favorite route of 12M. Charlie did awesome, so did Oleg (they ran every hill, what in the Gorge means 3M continous climb of about 2500 feet and same long downhills). Funny thing is my butt and quads got sore after that, reminding me - Gorge runs are in order to come back to for the preparation to the races I plan on doing.

The week was highest yet for the year. However, it did aggravate my injuries, especially the hip flexing area, what may mean I can't deny I have that labral tear (I was focusing on doctor's words "little" and "possible" before). It also produced a weird pain behind my right knee, suddenly and out of nowhere, but I won't complain about it. Happens. So this week I stuck with cross-training on my stationary bike (what I really don't like much at all, but my free pass to the gym expired). I even cancelled not only speed work yesterday, but gait analysis as well, even though it felt much better last night.

Alex didn't get a job - one of his classmates applied a week earlier so he had an advantage of taking a spot, but they promised to keep Alex on file. We'll look elsewhere next week. Oleg is leaving Friday. I signed up for Hagg lake 50k and plan on just making the miles. It'll be very very muddy, sliding should be fun, though it also means a possibility of extra injuries if not careful. I am looking forward to see our local "boys" in running skirts.

Angie is signed up for PCT 50k, and it's exciting! We're full for 50M and have 30 spots left for 50k. It went really fast this year. I'd like to go to Idaho to visit my friend Theresa ata the end of March and hope it happens, though it is still far in advance. Tom R. decided to run Silver State 50M and will be sharing accomodations with me - yay for traveling with friends! This weekend I'll have my friends Maura and Stan to stay at our house for Hagg race, we haven't talked in ages! I am truly blessed with good people, and I will not get tired to repeat that.

What else? Hopefully I'll be able to visit some of you by the end of the week, and thanks for checking in on me. Also, click on my new links to blogs of Montrail teammates (those that have blogs so far), even though many of them just beginners-bloggers, they are definitely NOT beginners ultrarunners and runners in general, and are great people. Give them a welcome and ask them questions. I am sure this will make them post more, and lots of it will be very useful in our quest to become better runners.

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Wes said...

Yea! I luv to check in on you :-) Safe trip for Oleg. Hope Alex finds a job he likes soon. Congrats on the race coming along so nicely. I know it will be splendid with your help. Nice runs, especially that 27M. Just damn :-) Here's to some good runs this weekend!!

Ryan said...

Lot's of happenings and what a week of running. Nice job especially for this time of year!

WynnMan said...

Way to hammer girl! remember to give some TLC to the body. A very productive week. I'll try and track you down out at Zane, I also tend to be timid pre-race.

- WynnMan

Sarah said...

On Sunday Marc ran Multnomah-Larch-Wakeena loop. There was snow (and it was snowing) on Larch.

I'll see you at Hagg! : )

Jamie said...

Damn nagging injuries. You and I seem to be in sync in that sense.

Cool about your teammates' blogs. Reading running blogs is my favorite computer pasttime, glad to have access to more.

Eudemus said...

Only an ultrarunner would describe the soreness from running 12 hilly miles the day after doing 27 as "funny" :-). Nice job on the weekend training, but take care of those injuries. Racing season is coming up!

rick said...

"uncomfortable" enough for you to skip workouts, you must be really worried. I hope it's nothing serious. One day I'm going to run that gorge with you!

Phil said...

It's funny how one's perspective on exercise warps when they become an ultra runner. Doing 12 miles the day after a 27 miler was simply amazing. I don't know if I'd live to talk about it.

Great job.

Lisa B said...

Hi Olga,

Please give Maura and Stan hugs for me! I haven't seen them in a long time. Are they bringing Killer with them?

Also, if you drive to Idaho and are headed to the northern part of the state, please swing by Spokane and we'll at the very least grab a latte together before continuing on your way. Of coures, you could always stay here too if you want or need to make an extra rest (or run) stop.

Judi said...

Glad to see you back! Hope your injuries are less bothersome in the future. Take care,

Bob Gentile said...

OLgaaaaaaaa !!! Thanks for the updates. sorry to hear the blog challenge but more important is you take care of those injuries.

Have FUN in Da MUDDDDDD at Hagg Lake this weekend :-)

Thomas said...

I have nothing but admiration for your ability to keep on running despite all your injuries and problems.

Backofpack said...

I hope Alex finds a job he's interested in on the next go-round. Both my boys have been happy with lifeguarding at the Y.

Have a great race this weekend at Hagg - we would'a been there if Orcas hadn't caught our attention - I'm sure Orcas is better (more realistic) training for Eric right now.

We'll let you know about the volunteering soon.

OCRunnerGirl said...

Thank you so much for your response to my question to Tom. That was perfect! I would LOVE to do the PCT50k but I will be running the San Francisco Marathon that weekend. I think the one in Sept sounds perfect! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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Trail Goat said...

It was great to have you comment the other day. Of course I remember you from Wasatch '05. We had a great climb up Catherine's out of Brighton. I did the same climb a few days before the '06 race and was disappointed that ew didn't run into you. I do think we ran into Nick. :-) Thanks, too, for linking to me. I'll get around to doing the same soon. I'll admit I've been following your blog off and on for awhile now. Lastly, thanks for giving everyone the heads up about the Montrail blog. Once I saw it, I was chomping at the bit for folksto get access. I thinkn that it will be an UNBELIEVABLY good reasourse for ultrarunners. A place where we can throw ideas out there and get feedback from the best in the sport, not to mention read up on our idols, competitors, and friends (who are all the same folks). :-D Later, Bryon

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh yeah! i'm so psyched i get to see you TWICE this year! woo hoo!

Juls said...

All of you ultrarunners make me tired just reading about the miles that you log. It also gets me curious too.

Good luck nursing your injuries and in your many upcoming races.

robtherunner said...

Thanks for the update on things. Bob is good for keeping us accountable. Have fun at Hagg Lake, which you are probably just getting ready to begin as I type this.

Lisa B said...

Hey Olga,

Wassup with Chuckanut selling out so soon!? I went online to register but it's been sold out since 12/06! Yikes. Bummer.

I also went to book some hotels for Western States (I'm pacing) and they are ALL sold out in Auburn after the race. That's 4 months early! Goodness! Wassup with this ultra madness???

Anyway, I'm not looking for an answer....just bummed I'll miss you at Chuckanut.

The real question to answer is:

How many nuts could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck nuts??


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