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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Montrail blog announcement and legacy of Scott McQueeney

Montrail-Nathan ultrarunning team announces a new blog!!! Use it as a source to see where are the races/who is doing it/race reports/product updates.

Also check out updated Montrail UltraCup website - they have a link to "Race for the soul" about WS100 (I can't believe I can watch it any time now after I gave away all my ultra videos!) and will have psoted Endurance tips and sample training weeks of Montrail Team runners.

I've had a good week in running/excercising so far. Besides Monday's suddenly faster-than-usual morning run, I cross-trained at night with stairclimber and weights, ran easy Tuesday morning, joined a long track workout (1200 in 5:34, 2x1000 in 4:47, 2x800 in 3:47, 2x600 in 2:47) with Kelly, who is somebody to someone I happen to know and like very much, besides, she is a reporter/writer for oregonianlive.com and said she'd help me with my future interview at FitzRight NorthWest (shh, it's only a prospect for now, can't spread more rumors). Kelly is a blast and so cheerful - it's nice to be young:)

Anyway, enough about running before I get more "uh-oh". I set up an appointment with Physical Therapist my sport med doctor recommended for Feb 26th. On a visit to John-the chiro I got a gift certificate and a referral for a gate analysis, what I am having done next Tuesday before track workout (if it won't pour too much, we have rain making a comeback beginning Sunday). See, I am trying very hard, this is unheard of for me.

My free pass to the gym is over. Gotta find another one for a trial. Whatever they (gyms) are offering is too expensive and inconvenient in time/location. Sucks!

PCT 50/50 is practically full for 50M runners (well, it is full, but we figured we let a few more and will close registration on Sunday or so). 50k has about 35 spots open.

We have a bunch of new and exciting sponsors along with the ones the race had before:
Hammer Nutrition
Nathan Human Propulsion Lab's
and more of local stores and businesses.

The race is a Memorial Run for Scott McQueeney, as it has been for a few years now, and will continue on a legacy to keep the memory of him live in our hearts. This will be a first year the profit of this race will be donated to Forest Park, a non-profit organization, to build a Memorial Bridge with a name tag for Scott. We will also collect donation and pledges for this cause. Just to bring this up, the bridge (building and maintaining) will cost Forest Park $5,000. We are hoping to hit the needed sum this year with the help of runners, but if not - the money will be filed away and wait for nest year's race.

I am totally elated to be a part of this event! Can't wait for summer to come over!

I fulfilled all my registrations/reservations for a racing season'07 (lucky me, Bighorn is full too!), including even CCC100 (they only allow 100 runners, and with Charlie I am sure it'll be a stellar run!).

Alex applied for a job at local Fred Meyer, we can't wait to hear back from them. That'll be a big help for a family and a point for his resume. He is doing well.

Oleg talked to his father and he sounds optimistic, as well as his doctors back home. Oleg is leaving to Russia in a week to stay there for a couple of weeks.

Stephen applied for official boxing association and will be joining fights outside the "home rink" I believe next week (or soon). He does pretty good there.

I am still undecided what I'll do for Hagg lake, volunteer or do a training run. With rain in a forecast for the whole week it'll be nasty muddy! But then again, those who run can claim bragging rights:) I'll bring kids to help out either way.

Saturday will be a break for the sunny weather and 60F! Oh, joy, lets have a good plan for the run, need to use it before it's gone!

A few lines from Scott McQueeney's emails:
- don't worry how bad you feel now...tomorrow will be worse
- no, really, it does get better, that's the good news...unfortunately you will not remember just how bad you did feel, otherwise you would never do it again

Interestingly, last week I was telling Gail (and later Mike Bushwhacker, Caroline and Stacey at Hagg trail work) how the idea of putting together a 100M trail race in OR doesn't let me sleep. Not for thsi year, but the prospect of it...Gail told me Scott came up with this long time ago, but something happened and Waldo 100k was born...and today, as I browsed a file with emails to and from Scott put by his friends (I had never had a priveledge to meet him), I found those words. May be there is something about it. (p.s. if you're local and reading it, give me a shout of what you think about this idea, please, somehow)

What can I say? Life has ups and downs every day, but we are chagging along, one foot in front of another...and remember - cross the finish line backwards for Scott!!


Backofpack said...

Wasn't Scott McQueeny the one our donations go to for the Capital Peak Fat Ass?

Keeping my fingers crossed for Alex to get the job! And, I'm glad to hear things sound optomistic for Olegs Dad. Your family sure has a lot going on right now!

psbowe said...

So nice to hear that things are really looking up for you and your family.

Sarah said...

Sounds like there are a lot of things to look forward to for you and your family. I guess I'll see you at Hagg one way or another. : )

I think OR definitely needs its own 100m. We could use another 50m too. : )

Lisa B said...

It'd be great to have a 100-miler in Oregon, even another 50.

Enjoy the gait analysis. It's fun to watch yourself on video in slow motion. When I had mine, I was like embarrassed thinking, "I do THAT with lower leg when I run!?" :)

Eudemus said...

Olga, glad to hear things are going well for your family. Sounds like training is also moving along well. While I have yet to do a 100M, I think the more we have on the West Coast the better. The way things are going, by the time I'm ready to sign up for 100M, I won't be able to get into any of the races as everything seems to fill up so quick! By the way, we I'll see your 60-degree weekend weather and raise it 10 degrees for a beautiful sunny 70 in the Bay Area.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I just registered for the Scott McQueeney PCT 50M today!

It's a great race, and I'm looking to running a faster time, this year.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I looked at the 50-mile registrants, and it looks like I'll be the fastest (and only) runner from Kansas! Woo hoo! Do you have a special award for that???

robtherunner said...

A 100 miler in Oregon would be a great idea. All signed up for races I see.

Love2Run said...

You are one busy woman! Like the energizer bunny do you ever stop?

DawnB said...

There is so much going on for you right now I only want to wish you the best!!!

rick said...

I've wondered that the last couple of years. Why isn't there a big 100M race in Oregon? Keeping my fingers crossed for the plan by PCT to hold the Headlands Hundred here in Marin.

Cascade Crest, woof! that's a tough, tough run. One day I'd like to do it again. I see that you're planning to come down for Firetrails, that will be great. With Sarah and Marc coming down it will be a nice weekend.

About to head out for another early Sunday. You know I am really liking these early weekend mornings. It's tough to get up but I really look forward now to being out before the sun rises. The usual pre-run before meeting up with the club at 9AM. I'm sure you're already up and about. Never say never I guess:) The heck is happening to me, I ain't no morning runner!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

100 miler, woo hoo!

Jamie said...

Nice! If I do well at the Vermont 100 this year, maybe next year I'll make it out that way.

Journey to a Centum said...


Boy, I can't think of a better person to help put together a 100 mile race to rival any other. It would be interesting to start the race on the Eastern side of the state and run to the Western side.

Sounds like you are right in the middle of "full throttle" living! I wish Alex luck with his job interview and to Stephen with his boxing matches. I hope that Oleg's visit is well recieved by his father and will allow him to help where he can.

When I played golf I used to just go out and have fun smacking the ball around. Then I got too serious and started taking lessons and reading all about how I could improve my game. I got better at golf but found myself getting upset with myself for mistakes that before I never realized I was making. I eventually got wise to the fact that I should just enjoy the game or quit. I ended up quitting. Fortunatly I discovered running and it's kept my competitive spirit alive. I've found that I don't spend a lot of time reading about improving or doing gait analysis because I'm half afraid that I'll stop having fun. I will say that I've been working on maintaining better form on the road and the trails with my arms and shoulders staying back and my posture upright and not hunched forward. I'll keep it simple and hopefully keep enjoying the sport.

Happy running Olga!

Mike said...

Hi Olga!
Be careful if you end up running at Hagg...looks like it will be a mudfest based on the weather. I suffered there last year and was cursing the mud...I was able to stay on my feet until about a 1/4 mile from the finish then went down.....I don't know how you Ultra people can do it...and even go for a two looper out there...nuts!!;-)

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