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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Plug ins


With the beginning of new year there are a few things that started: we all seem to make a roll call on our last year, determine what went right (or not so right) and come up with new goals and resolutions for 2007.

Whether it is creating a training plan to keep fit and healthy or pick some tune-up races and a "big" one that the whole year would focus on (or, you know, a few "big" ones), wouldn't you think a calendar helps? The calendar that has dates that is:) With month divided in little squares with little numbers where you can put: 7 miles, easy. Or: 10 miles, tempo 4 in the middle. Or, better yet: 22 miles, hilly, marathon pace, felt great!

Whether you love sheer mountain views or forested dirt roads, single track trails, fog or sun, and especially if you enjoy to see a friendly happy, yet determined face for some inspiration, look no further! What a better way to have a calendar with squares that includes RACES!!! Those very races YOU plan to come to, visit, run, help at or at least wish you could!

Glenn Tachiyama and Tony Phillippi, both are dear friends of mine, the first two crazy people who met me once I moved to PNW and who right away invited me into their world of other not-so-very-smart people with running addictions, and who made me feel very welcomed and at home, with help of Kendra Borgmann & Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs created (for the second year in a raw) A TRIBUTE TO TRAILS CALENDAR.

Obviously, I just got mine, and thus the reason to get excited again:) I already pointed before to pay attention to it's release, and now would like to follow Scott Dunlap and repeat: it is a great gift, for yourself or for anybody you love and who loves trail running!

Right, Rob? I think you got one at some point:) I wish I could tell you you'd see my mug-shot on a cover (or at least in a crowd of folks eating at the aid station), but...keep hoping for next year:) May be I should either become fast or stop and eat more!

The directions to where and how to get this calendar are listed on this website. Don't wait any longer, the year had started, and there is only a certain amount of calendars was printed! And if the fact that all the proceeds go to the trail services, this calenadr is still dang cheap.

PCT 50/50

Since I am in a plug-in mode, let me tell you, my race directing duties seem real now. I released an email to PNW ultra community, as well as to Ultra Listserve, so I invite you to read it and share with whomever you'd like:

Hello, ultrarunners and ultrarunners-wanna-be and everybody who enjoys putting one foot in front of another! Happy New Year!

We hope you had many wonderful gifts this holiday season. Want more? Oregon Trail Ultramarathon Series , Oregon Road Runners Club and Race Directors of PCT 50k/50M Monika and Olga point you to a beautiful trail at the foot of Mt. Hood in OR with two choices: 50km and 50 miles. Both races, that will be held on July 28 of this year, start at the Clackamas Lake Ranger station (which is located next to Timothy Lake) and run as an out (to the Timberline Lodge of Mt.Hood) and back on the Pacific Crest Trail entirely (OK, there is a pimple of a road at the start-finish).

This year's registration is open now and will be only through sign me up. Registration is limited to 150 entrants total. We already have 5 people signed up, so please sign up early.

Check out the website often for any updates and information. We are excited to enter our 9th year of running PCT 50/50 and looking forward to host another wonderful event on gorgeous Oregon trails.

Come find the Bigfoot and continue the tradition!

Monika and Olga

BTW, Sarah was the 3rd person to sign up! Way to go, girl!

Until next time, when we come back to our scheduled broadcasting - happy running!


Ryan said...

Glad to hear the news about your son! You sold me on the calendar..good deal..thx! I wish I could be there, unfortunately the PCT50 is one race I’ll have to miss out on due to the technicality that I’m 3,000 miles away on the East Coast. Best of luck with the race

gtach said...

whoo hoo, another sale! thanks, ryan!

and thanks, olga, for your endorsement and influence!

and olga's friend rick...thanks much for the comment you left on sd's blog about the calendar!

don't you love the way the ultra community supports each other?

Sarah said...

Darn...I was hoping I was the first! ; ) : )

I needed some supplies anyways so I'm off to visit the Zombies to get that calendar.... Thanks for the reminder.

Tom Bailey said...

I like the calendar. It seems very inspiring.

robtherunner said...

I already purchased my calendar at Fleet Feet and love to have it on my desk to inspire me everyday. I may not run on the trails as often as I like, but with the calendar it is a good way to always keep the trails on my mind.

I also just found out that I will be on vactation with my family the weekend of the PCT 50 so I am going to have to miss it again this year along with White River.

Phil said...

It will be a long time before I can write " ... 22 miles, hilly, marathon pace, felt great" in a running log, but I look forward to reading about it when you do.

Best of luck as race director. Now that's a challange most of us would never attempt.

Backofpack said...

I like the calendar!

It's going to be fun to see what you think of being an RD and if you'll want to do it again. I imagine it's quite a challenge!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo! love the calendar; yay for rd!

Jessica Deline said...

That sounds like a really fun race! I'm sure it will sell out. If my schedule weren't already so full and I had more vacation time.. I'd be there.. Being an RD is fun and challenging :)

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