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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

San Diego 100 this weekend

Life is so much complicated these days, and so many people are leaving blog-lines, I battle same decision. I am torn and don't like disappointing anybody, although, (according to this whole Alex's boarding school/seminars idea) depending on anybody's opinion is loosing yourself. Had I ever had myself? Will I look back on this (and some of my other later musings) post and say - why the heck was I sharing it? Not sure.

So here is as little "running" contest as I wanted to say- while not much "real" running is happening. I like to think about upcoming races (especially ones I ran and know courses/people) and make predictions - I wish every website had preregistered list.

1 Karl Meltzer, 39 UT - you know who, CR holder at SD, HURT, Wasatch, HR and so on, the "Mountain Goat"
40 Brimhall, Josh, 30, NV - winner of Zane 50 and a very fast runner
51 Konya, Akos, 31 - second in Badwater this year out of nowhere, a great talant
60 Hemsky, John, 37, CO - winner of many 100s and top placer (we ran first 50 together)
59 Wedemeyer, Michael, 31, OR - second here last year by only about 30 min behind Karl, very fast, but coming off injury
68 Meisser, Sean 33, OR - very experienced runner (and a great guy all around), first in Tahoe 72M, Bighorn 50M, been with Montrail for 4 years, our "own" Marathon Maniac", and RD for Peterson Ridge 60k

29 Sundermeier, Ronda, 39, OR - one of most solid local runners and top-10 finisher at WS last 2 years (great results also at AC and CCC) - she never falteres, not in training, not in racing
62 Shimada, Yayoi, 35, NY - a newcomer to 100, but super-fast runner (see latest Great Eastern 100k), I know her from NYC times
46 Lemus, Maria, 42 - good runner, Jorge's Pacheco wife, had a great season this year

Records will be broken. It seems to be their (SD100) best field, so all will be pushing each other. Nothing is set in stone, I wonder how close I came in predictions. I emailed both girls my best description of the course, and, knowing them personally, they will both come under 22 hrs.

A few more friends to wish best of luck: 2 guys from portland and Dirty Girl Gaiters Xy, Dirt Diva Catra and Andy from CA. May the weather bless their run, may they have no stomach problems, no blisters, no weakness.

15 Chapman, Tom 47 OR
24 Liebeskind, John, 45, OR
32 Weiss, Xy, 45
33 Kumeda, Andy, 38
35 Corbett, Catra, 41

Seeking positive in every moment in my life. Every day. Run on. I will.


Anonymous said...

That'll be fun to follow. It wasn't clear to me... are you running it this weekend? If so, best of luck! And I also hope your friends kick some butt!

Wes said...

Now, how could you possibly disappoint us when we have no expectations of you. Only a fool places judgements on the quality or quantity of unexpected gifts. Everybody needs a little time to regroup once in a while. Some more often then others. You'll find nothing but support and best wishes here...

Ryan said...

Keeping your eye on the races I see...one thing's for sure you always have the time to help others succeed!!

and on that note:

"Don't Worry Be Happy" ya sing it note for note come on.."Don't Worry Be happy"

backofpack said...

I think if blogging helps you (gives support, feels right, occupies your mind, is an emotional outlet, whatever) then you do it. If it feels like a chore or a burden, then you don't. You can come and go - that's what I've been doing. Some weeks it feels like more than I can possibly do, others it just feels right.

Go with the flow, baby, go with the flow!

robtherunner said...

San Diego should be a good race. It will be interesting to see the results. I hope you feel better soon.

Jessica Deline said...

yes that should be a good race. I'd check it out myself since it's so close to home but I'll be away...

I hope you figure out if blogging is a good or a bad thing in your life and then based on that alone you can decide to quit, take some time off or keep doing. Whatever you need to do for yourself!

TryAthlete said...

Your blog is yours to do whatever you want with it. I agree with Michelle - if you feel it helps you destress, blog; if not, don't. You're not disappointing anyone.

I hope life each day holds good things for you!

rick said...

The weather is perfect for a good race. Amazing to see these guys still going strong after a full year, especially Catra.

Sarah Elaine said...

Keep seeking the positive in every moment. I think in the end, it is the moments we remember.

Run on, Olga.

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