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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Preliminary results

Karl Meltzer smashed his own CR by 2 hrs with 15:20 (all times are approximate).
Josh Brismhall came second in his first 100M by about an hour (16:20?)
Mike Wedemeyer overcome his recent ITB injury and a desire to drop at turn-around and came third in his exact last year's time - 17:42
Michael Popov ( a Russian guy from San Fran), who signed up a day before, lead the race for 20 miles, came 4th in around 20 hrs - his time from last year, where he was 4th as well, was 20:50, and he wanted to break 20, I wonder if he did.
David Goggins, a Navy Seal, who placed 5th at Badwater this year (and had lots of talk about) came in 5th at SD100 too, not sure of time.
6th was Steve Burton from VA, in about 22 hrs.
Sean Meissner had some problems on the way back, not sure if he dropped or went on.
John Hemsky's plantar fasciitis acted badly and the rumor is he might have dropped - I would assume if he realized he is not having a great performance, he could have.
Konya was running a slow race, not aware of his times yet.

In girl's side nothing official yet. Ronda was leading at the turn-around and at 22:30 into the race hasn't come in yet (although it is easy to miss on people in a mess of excitement, in any case she's got time to squeek under CR). Another person to be in possible top 3 position - late entrant Jody Chase from AZ.

I'll add on as I hear anything, I just wanted to put it somewhere to share - who else would I talk about it if not the community? :)

p.s. Ronda did break a course record and finished in 22:44 - some over what I think she is capable of, but you know, it's a 100 mile:) Last 3 years SD100 had oregonian girls shining! Sean Meissner and John Hemsky both dropped. Yayoi Shimada got lost after 60 miles soemwhere (I wonder where - it is an easy to follow course and greatly marked) and finished after Catra - who finished in 27:29 (yeah, girl!!) Maria Lemus finished second in female division. Mike W.'s friends got down on me for predicting him coming 5th, but hey, I did know about his injury and his not-complete training! What just means he's got so much potential and should apply for WS100 next year and get in a mix!


robtherunner said...

No surprise with Meltzer. I hope Sean made it to the finish. You'll have to update when the women come in.


mtnrunR said...

Thanks Olga. I am pulling for the NW runners!
ps Your hair is pretty.

R2B said...

They are some amazing times there!
I can only imagine the guts it takes to run so far so fast!

Jack said...

I love your race reporting. There are some pretty awesome runners out there, I feel real humble.

Jessica Deline said...

Thanks for your race report! I didn't see the results anywhere so this is great!

bushwhacker said...

You are a wonderwoman. How did you keep up with these results. I know you had your personal reasons. You rock even when you are injured. Want to run long this weekend?? Call me.

Catra said...

Hey Olga-
Thanks for calling me Sunday morning. I was on the home stretch of the 100 miles and heard my phone rining in my pack. I'm sure you understand why I didn't pick up. ;)
Hey feel free to call me Saturday night as I'm running around Chrissy Field in San Fran, during the 24 hour run. I'm sure I could use some inspiration at 2am.

mtnrunR said...

Results up now.

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