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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Still trying to keep up with my blog.

Hooray, I can start on a taper!

Not even funny, I haven’t trained hard enough and don’t deserve taper, but I am very happy it’s coming:) May be it was a reason to sign up for a race?

Sleep-deprivation kills me. Stephen had an opening soccer game on Saturday at noon, so I absolutely HAD to finish my run by then. From one point, it was a “short” long run of 16 miles, from another – it was in the Gorge with 5,000 feet gain. So it took me and Gail the full 4 hrs.
Back to lack of sleep. We met at 6:15 am at the parking lot (an hour drive from the house) and as soon as the light showed(in 10 min) set out for a basically 7 mile hike to the top of Larch Mountain. Talking non-stop was fun, spending 2:05 to make it up the 4,000-and some change to arrive to a misty no-view point of destination was not. Although I had seen slower times (from myself). So I was in a quite OK mood, as we headed down and made a turn half-way in to another climb for a mile on fire road. This one did me in – I got tight and tired at the same time. Eventually, when we topped the uphill and turned to a 4 mile trail downhill, I let Gail go first and slogged – shoot, my favorite trail down-running wasn’t happening.
I was glad I had Gail to gage myself and realize just how bad a shape I actually was in. Last week we had a great run, and whatever was going on this Saturday wasn’t pleasing. Never mind, I am still going for RDL, still planning to give my best for the day, I just won’t have a “surprise face” when it won’t happen. Hold on to my promise to ahve a smile no matter what:)

Sunday went much better. Now try and explain it to me, please - why?
I met with Rob at 6:30 am sharp at the mile marker 9 of Wildwood in Forest park. Here is my short version of the story.
The first thing I did was to warn him how disgustingly slow I plan to be. And then I go out and actually maintain a very decent pace (for my personal level). We chat – well, I talk, Rob has a chance to squeeze “Yeah” or “OK” here and there. Don’t judge me; I just don’t ever talk unless I am on the run with somebody! My job doesn’t require communication and those few (may I add very young) fellows I work with are rather quiet (and we have nothing in common). Then I come home, and although exchange words with Stephen, it is not like I am conversing with a 10 year old. Oleg comes 8 pm, we eat dinner, swap short news for the day – and that’s it. He writes grants on computer, I read to Stephen or myself and - sleep time. And I LOVE talking and presenting my point of view and listening to what others think! Especially because being a foreigner most likely we’ll have a different view on so many things, and I am learning (like forever).
Anyhow, we ran, we talked (from God – Craig would be so proud of me – to kids, education, bloggings, friends, races, weight loss plan, gossip, more kids, more gossip), we made a turn to connecting Leaf dirt road (where was one time we walked by my demand), we still ran further (I did slow down, but the motion was somewhat running), and when we entered back on Wildwood with 3.5M to go – I sent Rob forward. I finally got tired and knew it won’t be fare for him to shuffle behind. Especially having a nasty 1 mile uphill with at least 5 false summits (that no matter how many times you do it still mentally break me).
All in all, a much better run then on Saturday, 15M in 2:52 (for me) – what is almost on the spot where it usually is. A cup of “poor man’s coffee” and another half hour of talking we went back to regular life. I am sure Rob will write more. I just want to add that despite the fact we live relatively close, we don’t see each other at all for a friendly chat, and I really wish it were different.

Regular life for me included yard cleaning and two coats of primer painted in Stephen’s room to prepare it for a switch from ugly bright red color to beige. I am on a short break now, but gotta go back.

Minor addition – I went to see a doctor on Friday and he did ultrasound, Graston and electro-steam on my hamstring to break the scar tissue and help the healing process. What he is particularly good at is encouraging for the future running. He also gives great advices and is very handsome. I am seeing him twice more next week.

Life goes the way you treat it. What I choose to be good. At least I honestly can say I try.


backofpack said...

It actually sounds like you had a very nice weekend - running with friends, soccer game and painting. Glad you and Rob got a chance to visit that didn't involve a race - it must've been nice to have a relaxed run instead!

Wes said...

So, you being from a different country and all, does that mean we can't share a few passions, eh? I am in awe of the fact that you are going out and doing a 100M with such a serious injury so recent in your history. I'm so glad you are comming along nicely, and I'm sure that handsome doctor has made all the difference in the world ;-)

Thomas said...

I hope RDL wonlt be too bad. You're experienced enough to know whet you're getting into.

That treatment, with breaking up old scar tissue, sounds rather painful, to be honest.

Sarah said...

I have no doubt you'll have a smile on your face at RDL, no matter what. Enjoy your taper! You do deserve it. : )

rick said...

Good looking doctor, wants you to keep running, what's not to like. Ah taper is always fun. Come race day, what will be will be. If you already know you are going to suffer it feels better on race day:) Well for you, on race weekend. I'll put in a few trail runs to get ready for you.

Kim said...

Enjoy the taper!!!

I have to add, I loved what you wrote on Julie's blog. I really enjoy the knowledge you "old timers" give to us newbys.

robtherunner said...

Yes, it was wonderful to run and chat at coffee afterwards. Hopefully when I come down in November or December we can head out to the trails again. I better work on my diet so I can get those five pounds off before I see you next.

Sarah Elaine said...

Olga, I love your energy and honesty. Good news about the hamstring, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you and Rob got a run in together regardless of what you talked about. I'll be interested to see how the treatment works on the scar tissue.

Mike said...

Hi Olga- thanks for stopping by! Maybe next time you and Rob get together for a run, I can tag along for a few miles! Your mileage is very impressive- I couldn't imagine being on my feet for that long...hope that hammy of yours gets better!

Robb said...

Graston and electro-stream treatment sounds like fascinating science. I hope it helps you get back to speed Olga. I love to read about your love of life! You have a great attitude despite your busy life.

Donald said...

That sounds like a great weekend, Olga. I hope your hamstring holds up OK for the next race.

I'd be happy to give you any triathlon tips you want, but it seems to me like you've definitely found your groove with this ultra thing.

Have a great race at RDL if we don't hear from you before then. Stay strong, girl.

D said...

Great running Olga - and the icing on the cake - you get to chat it up with Rob the Runner!

Love2Run said...

Love reading about your running adventures with other runners but can't imagine going into a 100 mile race with a hamstring on the mend. Be careful, there are lots more races in the future and you do know what you are doing, right?

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay about the hamstring!

Anonymous said...

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