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Saturday, September 16, 2006


I guess the time has come to pack again. Actually, it's been exactly 3 months as I did it last time. Where did the time go? I was thinking of posting my "training" for that time as in "not enough", but what the hell, I am signed up and going. There is no reason to complain, neither to be overly optimistic. I was almost at the point "may be I shouldn't" last night, but today is AC100, and I am clicking on the webcast when I am in the house (what is 3rd time now), and it's insanely amazingly contasious to watch those runners go through the checkpoints. I wish I were there. Whatever state I would have been in, now I miss the opportunity to participate in AC100. Way to go, everybody! Jorge Pacheco is running strong, so is Jeff Riley, Mike Burke (yay, Bushwhacker!) and Stacey Bunton and Mike McCarthy (he is 8th, wow!). I should have just flown in and helped out, paced, crewed or something...if I were single and could justify my absense from home.

Because this weekend has a "to do" list that is a length of the wall. I sent Oleg to the Mt. Hood for a day (he needs a rest from grant writing - did I mention he got appointed Ass.Prof. as of January?) at 6 am, went for an hour run, painted first layer on the Stpehen's room's walls, took Stephen to the game - they won 2:1 (so much fun!!! and they have a kid on the team who is purely professional, just a pleasure to watch him, where are national coaches? and the whole team is playing great), then they had a team picture time. One of teammate's moms was very nice and took Stephen on a playdate after that, and I managed to put another final layer of paint in 40 min before my neighbor stopped by.

We went to Nike employeer store - discounted shoes, just in time for my birthday. I've been running roads and track (and cross-training at the gym, and going to work) in a single pair that is exactly one year old, from our last visit before my birthday. No wonder my shins hurt so much. I was trying to pick one pair (I am cheap), but then couldn't resist and got two, plus two pairs of shorts! I think I need those as well - besides one "race ready" style, all my stuff is since the second year after I started running. What is old.

Need to clean the painted room and move furniture back, go food shopping (absolutely empty fridge), cook, clean the house...and it's for today, and it's almost 4 pm. Writing a blog entry was on a list as well, so I am not wasting my time:)

Stupid i-Pod, I came to hate it. It broke on me 6 months ago after 6 months in use, I send it for repare. Got it - now it broke again! Sent it in (this time had to pay for shipping) - they send me a replacement that's not working! What do I do now, send it back and pay again? I tried to call and spent 30 min on hold while painting! And on top of it I really need it for next weekend! Argh! Tomorrow...I'll think about it tomorrow.

Alex sent us two letters this week, and we got to talk to him on Wed. It was sweet! His letters sound so loving. We are contemplating taking him out earlier (what is still not soon enough). What to do next? Do we move so the neighborhood is not a reminder for him? What school does he go to? Scary...
What reminds me I need to fill a bunch of homework this weekend from after-Discovery seminar and for Focus seminar - it's coming at the end of October. This time Oleg and I are going together. Alex has his Focus first week of October, I hope he passes!

It's cold here, fall has come. I don't mind 50-60F, just wish the rain would not be so often. It's very depressing.

Tomorrow is a 2 hr run on trails, then next week is 5-4-3 miles. This is my first time not to have a pace chart or any predicitions whatsoever. I won't lie, 24 hrs is a very desirable goal no matter how you look at it, and it's a relatively easy course (9,000 feet gain and same loss), it's a lot of technical trails (rocks, roots and small ups and downs). Heat could be in the picture. Honestly, 28 hrs sounds more realistic, it's just looks...slow. Anyhow, there is a chance I won't have either time, a.k.a. no time at all:) It's OK too. I am not sure what I want right now. I guess, I'll get to the start line and figure it out.

p.s. Thanks to Scott Dunlap, you have to go and read this article
This answers my own question. It also promted me to work on a pace chart and that is eactly what it takes to get me excited! Woo-hoo, I have a pace chart! OK, it's a wishful thinking, and of course if things go bad, I won't need nothing like that, but looking at numbers gets me pumped:) Now it's more like it!


robtherunner said...

You without a pace chart? I am trying to figure out a pace for Portland and right now have no idea. Hopefully after tomorrow things will be a little clearer. I hope for you as well after next week, whatever happens.

I am also trying to get motivated to do my to do list, but keep sitting at this computer instead. Shame on me! I don't have this written on my to do list.

Wes said...

Wow! Busy, busy, busy! Tell Stephen congratulations on his soccer win. So you are prepping for your 100? I'm gonna have to go back and see when it is. So, what do you use a pace chart for? Is it important for short runs or longer runs or both? You sound like a very smart shopper! If you got what you needed, I'm sure Oleg doesn't mind eh? Assistant Professor? I take it. Good for him. I'm also glad to hear that your oldest is doing so well. We'll keep him and the rest of the family in our thoughts.

Sarah said...

Busy weekend! Makes me feel lazy. I'm not very good at the house stuff. : ) And great news about both your boys.

Sounds like you are mentally ready for RDL. Good job on getting that pace chart done. I think you wouldn't have felt right without it. Good luck!

backofpack said...

All right Olga! Packing again = racing again. Something you weren't too sure about for awhile. But now you're back at it with a new attitude! Cool!

Tell Oleg congrats - that's exciting! And Stephen too. Sounds like things are good with Alex, which is a wonderful thing to hear. I'm so happy for all of you! Things are really looking up at your house.

Thomas said...

Your pair of shoes is one years old??? How many miles have you covered in those. Blimey! I know you're on trails and I'm on the road, but I have to change my shoes every 2 months or even more, otherwise I get injured.

JustRun said...

Finally, I've been able to visit and comment on your blog. For the longest time, the "link" from your comment on mine would not work.

I can't believe you had year old shoes- glad you got new ones!

You are one busy lady! I'm glad I get to catch up a little. :)

Ryan said...

Doing lot's of projects and getting ready for a 100 miler…way to go! Have a jubilant weekend and enjoy yourself out there whatever the outcome! Take care!

Kim said...

Wow, sounds like you are super busy! Get your stuff packed and ready to go!! It's good to race again!

jas said...

great entry....life is not all running!!!!! even though that is what can make one tick, there is a balance that is so healthy.....

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo, new stuff! and you got to hear from alex!!!

Scott Dunlap said...

Nike employee store...I'm so jealous! I used to drop entire paychecks in that place. Glad to see you got some new kicks. You should treat yourself more often!

Thanks for the link.

Cheers, SD

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