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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Nothing new here. Sunday and Monday were short kind of runs, and on Monday my shin pain acted out pretty badly, so I cut it even shorter and went on stairmaster. I emailed my coach Lisa and she recommend spin class for the next two days. I did it today, followed by stairmaster again and upper body/abs work. Tomorrow is another same schedule, but adding legs and rowing machine. I also had been walking for an hour with my older at night - he is failing his PE class (ha! as well as every other class besides geometry) and was told to get 7 hrs of exercises parents supervised. They call walking an excersise, such a bummer in my family. My husband was blogging at his cc.com site about how we can't seem to make our son move...but that's a very painful topic.

I am also back to science work, part-time now. I like that I am out of the lab by 1 pm, but money would be an issue. Not really, but traveling to races raises my guilt. Luckily for me I paid all registrations and booked all tickets while still at well paid job, so at least that much is set. I am not giving up my races, neither does my husband plan to quit dreams of Denali and Nepal climbing. The younger son will be starting baseball next month - may be we won't loose him?

I got my team set up for the WS100 - two pacers/crew, my running buddies from Portland. I am psyched! They got tickets, and I have no excuses to slack anymore...this is called commitment!! Gotta love your friends. Rob is promised to pace at CCC100, so he better not bail out! Next month will be slow building up some speed, not much mileage, and the next big race will be Rucky Chucky, my 50k for the season. Then it's AR50, Zane Grey 50 (with some 50k's thrown in-between), Squaw Peak 50 and WS100. That's how my first half of the year is shaping up. Now I need to take care of that stupid shin and get down to business.


robtherunner said...

I will be there for CCC as long as there is a CCC. I still have not heard any update from Randy on who is taking it over yet.

Susan said...

I can't image Rob bailing out on anything that involves running. Good luck training on those 50Ks.

Team Ragan said...

I'll be doing something local towards the end of the semester. I wish I had the budget to travel to races but unfortunately i dont make money being a student. oh well :)

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