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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Computer challenged

I think I have a valid excuse by growing up third world country where I never saw computer before I came here, and by then I felt too old to learn. OK, I was a month shy of 24, but by Russian standards it's old. You know, you've got a degree, a job, family with a hubby and a kid (or two), dating days are over, so are drinking and partying...
Anyway, I need help. I have no idea how to add links to my blog site, like other blogs (I have to visit Rob's to find a link every day), websites I like, not to mention pictures and schedules. Any easy way to give me a clue?

I had a great spin class today. I really like Thursday teacher, she is a kick and sweet and gives fantastic hard workouts with perfect music connection though not pushing you out right (just gently inspiring). My shin is still talking back at me, but I have nothing serious coming so it's the best time to take care of injuries and nagging pains. Saturday I'll be sweeping a course of a Capitol Peak Fat Ass 50k but since it's a two-loop course, I only make it for 17 miles (total is 34...so much for a 50k). I plan to drag my kids there for some help at the aid stations.
I was sitting at the gym tonight, waiting for husband to finish up, and looking around. Not like it's hit me like a lite bulb, but I, yet again, realized how much I love been around fitness oriented people. I don't really care if they are swimming, biking, running, doing martial arts, or lifting weights, or skating and skiing - there is so much about it, so much high, so many dreams, so much potential, energy, drive for the best, shutting down the inner whiner and finding an inner athlete (thanks, Ironayla!). I can't wait for Olympic games begin so I could watch it. I can't wait to go to the next race so I can see those faces. People are just amazing creatures, some of them anyway. Simply breathing, eating and excreting is not enough for them. They inflict pain to themselves to find out what they are made of...or may be to find that weird joy majority doesn't understand. I always liked physical aspects of any job or hobby. There is something about getting returns reflecting what you put in to this. And it doesn't mean we all should be an Olympic champions if we think we train hard - but it surely pays off to train hard as improvement follows it, sometimes slower, then faster, but definitely does.

And for that - I'll have that Russian drink tonight.


robtherunner said...

ironayla will have to respond about your computer problems. I hope your shin is feeling better. Mine started screaming at me when I did a couple 400's in 1:17 last night.

Ironayla said...

Hey Olga... I can help. I put together Rob's blog.. and now he edits what he likes. As for the pictures... you have to upload them to a flickr account. I spent some time finding some for Rob, created the account, and uploaded for him.

If you like...I can help.... email me :) ironayla@msn.com

Hilda said...

In my blogger I just have to click on a small ..... mark to upload photos and also the same for links. Works like the hotmail.
I want to see those faces too!!
Your writting always inspires.

Love2Run said...

Hmmm... what's a good Russian drink besides vodka? I like to reward myself with a really decadent ice cream!

Rae said...

I love the Olympics too! Ever since I was a child I loved watching them and looked forward to them so much. It's always been a dream of mine to see them in real life, or to come up with some obscure sport so I could be good enough at something to be in them!

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