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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Culture vs Mountains??

And to think we originally planned to go to NM and backpack Pecos mountains for a day and half...sit by the lake at 12,000 feet...inhale cool air...Literally, a few days prior, Larry walked in and said while he does have days off, when he leaves, the work doesn't stop, just piles up, and it stresses him out. With 13 hrs drive each way across Texas (a.k.a. boring) and both split into 2 days and an overnight hotel, then only 36 hrs in the mountains in questionable weather, I quickly said: lets cancel that idea. Lets, if I may ask you (with our "love" to big cities) instead check out some museums up near-by North...stay in a nice place, drink lots of good coffee, eat some yummy food. I miss culture! Having spent 11 years in Moscow (and grown up in Russia, where exposure to art and classical music is a must, and where I still, every visit, go to the places to absorb these things) and 11 years in NYC (Metropolitan, Guggenheim, Natural History, Broadway, Opera...trips to D.C. Mall, New England's history...), I often feel like dying culturally here, in Austin. OK, don't you jump at me, yeah, there is music scene (the modern one, I am not interested in), a ("a") museum and Dell Concert Hall (rarely do they have good classical pieces, mostly modern theater, again...). Anyhow, It's just not for me. And of course, I get my soul fed by trips to the mountains. But sometimes, you know, from time to time, it is REALLY NICE to be exposed to quality art.

Anyway,  the trip up to Dallas/Fort Worth was a success! PHOTOS

I loved Dallas Art museum collection, it impressed me big time! We parked in the garage an hour prior opening, and walked around, enjoying very neat park, some architectural details of buildings, both new and modern and older classical styles. Once inside the museum (free admission!), I was extremely pleasantly surprised how huge their collection is, hall after hall, and what nice pieces of art and exhibits of names they had! We took a good 2 hrs, and only left because were getting overwhelmed.

The hotel we stayed at was in Fort Worth museum district, near some sort of Domain-like new living area. Walking to coffee shops (ALL the coffee shops we visited had pour-over coffee, and if you a snob, as I am, you appreciate that option!) and to a dining place was a plus. A hotel featured great rooms, breakfast - and a gym, which I actually used next morning. We binged on house remodeling shows (we don't have cable at home) and just relaxed for the evening.

The second morning started with a short drive to and a walk inside Botanical Garden. That was beautiful, amazing, and all things explicitly positive (also free). A place where one could run, walk, sit and meditate, knit, read, have a free date, learn about plants and trees...I could spend there hours, many times. So would gladly Larry. 

Fort Worth's Kimbell Art museum (also free entry) was not as huge in terms of what they carry in their regular collection (they did have Casanova exhibit going on separately, but we chose to not get swamped in too much in 24 hr period). We didn't go to American Art - we should have, but decided we can't digest any more, so we walked to Science museum, which was a drop of $30, sort of wasteful for us, since it's so small, no exhibits, and full of screaming and crying children...oh, well, we decided to "eat" this loss as a payment donation for all the free art we saw. 

I found a new one of the best yarn shop in this country. Another place I could see myself hanging in.

What is Austin doing with it's money? So much for a great city, a Capital, and all that! And we hardly even scratched the surface of D-FW area in terms of arts/theater/symphony! Now I want to go check out (gasp!) Houston. Just need to gather strength for the traffic navigation.

We both are very delighted by the trip. I am actually truly in aw how pleased I was. In fact, I can tell you more. I am so inspired, I couldn't sleep the night after, all the creative juices leading to insomnia. I started not on one, but 8 (EIGHT!) projects all at once (had to even buy more needles to be able to do that), and now jump from one to another, like a crazy monkey - but one under positive influences of art:)

The whole weekend get-away was to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary - and my 24 years (OUCH! Exactly half of my life!) living in USA. It was well worth every moment.

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