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Thursday, January 26, 2017

T - two and half years

We have arrived. Well, technically speaking, we still have 2.5 years until our move to a new (and final) home destination, but after much consideration, traveling randomly throughout seasons, applying all we know, want and looking forward to, deliberating, and simply "feeling", we chose the city we will be setting our roots for good. It has all and then some - and we proved it again and again, as our hearts and souls and minds keep returning to it. The smiles we have while there can not be found in any other places. I can "let go" of Oregon and leave it as "home that was" and look forward, without hesitation, to "home that will be". Last stretch of "not quite home".

Full photoalbum of a place where Pikes Peak is the view and Garden of the Gods is around a corner.


Thomas Bussiere said...

Looks amazing. The smiles on your faces say it all.

Olga King said...

I know, right? You can't force a smile like that! And I am holding on to a hope to run again. I believe in mountain therapy...

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