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The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Friday, May 06, 2016

True blessings.

I heart my friends. I always did, to a fault, and granted, I calmed down with the "to a fault" part, the reality stayed: I heart my friends. I value them for who they are, cherish our conversations, laughs, quiet times...Sometimes life interferes, and I get pulled away, or my own introvert personality  forces me to pull back. But the truth stays: I heart my friends.

Most of the time, I know who they are. Often, though, especially lately, I get surprised to discover those who I thought of as just "friends", you know, not FRIENDS, really are much closer than I could have ever imagined. And those moments of discovery I call "life's magic".

My suddenly changed from its original plan trip to Sedona, AZ, was one of the most beautiful magic moments for sure. I got to, no, not to re-connect, but to truly CONNECT with Amy, someone I haven't even seen or communicated at all in 8 years, and prior that, who was just one of a number of very good, close friends - someone else's friends more than mine - on Oregon trails. I always knew she was sweet, honest, hard working, awesome person. How much of those qualities she's got is a whole another story:)

It was a whirlpool of a 36 hr trip, with another 2 hrs prior spent with a dear friend Tommie in a quick turn-around trip to Tucson.

And literally 3 days before that, our Austin Trail Family had a crawfish cookout, and as much as my hermit lifestyle was usually making me not join in (I work weekends and evenings, ya know, when the rest of normal people play on the trails and get together), I managed to sneak half a day off - and had a blast!

I got my fill for a while. Now, back to hermit life - and to be thankful for people in my life. People, real friends, who accept me the way I am, and make me feel normal:)


Erin Earle said...

<3 !!!

Sarah said...

Real friends are the best! :)

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