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Monday, April 04, 2016

A little training log of sorts.

It feels SO GOOD to be a runner again! I don't think, unless you've lived through crap I seems to be living in, anybody would understand how it feels! And no, injuries, even long-term injuries, don't count, because with those you always know the end is in sight. I have no f%^#ing clue what is going on with me, nobody knows what OTS (over-training syndrome?) means and if and when there is an out of it. In the last almost 3 years (since July 2013) I had bouts of hope when the running did come back. And then, almost as suddenly, it disappeared. Last one was last July - when it felt rocking-star, and by August, before my backpacking trip even began, it was falling down. So, I can't really blame hiking 178 miles with 50 lbs backpack as a fault of it - I wish it were that easy - although it probably added up to the "insult" and prolonged a sort of come back. My previous "bouts" of running lasted anywhere from 2 to 3 months, and were gone for 3 to 5 months. In February, something clicked, and I ran for almost 2 weeks. Then was a somber trip to Russia for a funeral and emotional recovery - and then, like it always does, it clicked again, without warning. I am running, and running every day better then yesterday...

Now, mind you, I am not an idiot anymore to make plans or dream far. I've learned. Not only to be patient, but to almost not to be hopeful (which is different from being optimistic, although I was always rather a realist anyway). Since I still have no idea what tips the scale over (if anything), I just enjoy every run I can. Yet I had also been a runner - a competitive runner who races - and I am a slave to schedules - I am highly organized in life too. I maintained a schedule regardless whether I ran or not, but in the last 4 weeks had to revise it to include what is known as "training". Why? Because it's fun and I love it and I am not giving up! Like my former running partner Bushwhacker Mike said: "We ain't dead yet, and the Big Finish Line is still far away".

Today concluded my 4th week of doing intervals. I even allowed myself to time them (the previous 3 times I just accelerated to the effort I know as an interval, but was too afraid to hit the stopwatch). And it confirmed what it felt like - I ran intervals. As in, I ran them like I used to be starting my season training after a month of lay-off from the season before. And I didn't feel crippled one bit after. And I had been doing drills, And my hill runs once a week gotten longer. And my long runs - longer and faster. And just like that, the clouds lifted, and I am floating above...

The good thing about my life is that I finally learned to manage my work schedule better, and now am able to squeeze trail runs in. One day - I did Mt. Bonnell staircase repeats (100 stair-steps). Another time - go to old stomping grounds and run Bull creek trails. This week I plan to venture to River Place trail. And one by one, I'll pick my former loops of trail miles, and get my trail legs under...

That new wise scheduling also allows me to spend a good amount of time with Larry, who had been so patiently waiting for me to adapt my desire to work the job I love (and to make the money I want to make) with the desire of us sharing time and connecting doing things we love. We've been doing walks together on urban trails here in Austin (yes, walks, on concrete bike paths, like old people we are:)), enjoying it immensely and talking about dreams and our future.

All in all - good stuff! So good, after coming back to Facebook for the full 2 weeks, yesterday I got off again, a Sabbatical of sorts. It's already feels amazing! I know, it's all up to me, but, unfortunately, I am an addict (as in, have an addictive personality), and this thing sucks me in - and my time away - way more than I can allow myself. So, "vacations from FB" will be my way to detox. And look, I blog when I don't scroll God knows what! And whoa, I did so much this morning, I had to re-write my schedule for the week's house chores!

And yes, speaking of detox, I had been Paleo-abiding since Russian Orthodox Lent started (our Easter is May 1st this year). Of course, with traveling to Colorado (yeehaa!!!) this weekend I give no promises, but I already stabilized my weight where I want it to be stable at, and look and feel better too. Gosh, it all takes work, but it's worth the effort.

Come back for Colorado pictures!


Anonymous said...

Wow that is loads of the same but different some how. We are advancing thru life and learning to live with the adjustments that r needed. Good on you Partner

Steve Pero said...

Sounds like things are going well, Olga....and I'll always come back to see Colorado pictures! My favorite place in the world...
We walk and talk of future things, too, which may be retirement in Texas....but not in the city ;-)

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