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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Valentine

What a week of a whirlpool! My Valentine is certainly different form those worldly accepted, yet at the same time, it makes sense - I am in a business which in part provides great experiences for exactly holidays like that. And the best Valentine present for me was understanding and patience of my best husband in the world, one who simply waited for me at home, while I worked my back off from Thursday before till today some 8 hrs of massages non-stop.

And in a weird way - it was fun! Physically, and even emotionally tiring, but oh, so satisfying, that even imagining myself back in the lab, pipetting proteins and running chromatography columns for an obsessed and self-absorbed boss and no scientific reason in a big scheme of things scares the living breath out of me.

Yes, it's been a year (and a touch) as I walked out of my "academic research career" - and I had never being happier at work, well, at least not since I crossed the border of USA. 3 years at Massage Envy (where I slowly but surely cut hours every month to accommodate only my regular clients I feel attached to and responsible for) and a year and half at Myo Massage - feels right at home! A year ago I wouldn't have even dared to dream of a steady position I am in, with requests, booking at both places well many weeks ahead, a fantastic treatment by owners and managers, solid relationships with co-workers full of respect, and - love of my clients.

I am a Massage Therapist. And I love my job.

The last weeks since the previous posting (wow, I a back to blogging?) also provided my soul with some amazing runs. Just as it has been my experience in the 2.5 years I struggled with "no name ailment", my running comes and goes without a notification of any sort, and not slowly - but at a snap of a finger: one day I shuffle 2-3 miles at 12 min/mile through the mud, and another - I fly effortlessly at 10 min/mile and feel I am going easy. And then - snap - I am back to hardly moving on the roads. Either case, I am fully embracing it - and enjoying a phase where 10's feel like I am not even trying, and anything faster, while requires some work, is fun too - the fact that I CAN put work is so thrilling, I can't even share that. So, no goals, no crazy hopes - just runs. And a big smile as I come home.

With next 2 months for some odd reasons sprinkled with many birthdays of my friends, I've been on a frenzy of knitting smaller items fit for gifts. Seems that I get into something, make lots of similar things, then switch - repeat. (By the way, the last batch of hats for Austin Trail Running Co went fast and furious! - Check the local store out!)

No bad news on my Father yet. Talk to him every other day. He is weak, on daily IV but at home (thanks to neighbor who is a nurse), no food coming in (and neither does water), but hanging in there.  I go through all stages of grieving I didn't know I have in me for him: from denial to sorrow to anger to calm acceptance - and then repeat again. I am praying to God daily he makes it to March, and there is a chance I can fly and still catch him - and say one more goodbye.

On the other fun news - not only I had been off Facebook for a month, Larry left it last Friday as well! If you only knew how much more time we have now, and how much more gets accomplished!!!
In a sad point at that, still, hardly a handful (if that) of those FB friends I considered to be a real deal figured out I am MIA. With my father's close demise and my kids living their own lives (I do text with Stephen in short updates twice a week, that's about it) - and as I am getting older, the reality of the fact I am alone here, in this world, and that only blood relatives truly care about you, hits hard.

Thankfully, I have Larry. With that, I feel truly blessed. I can't believe a run into each other some 9 years ago (for the first time) and a spur of the moment decision lead to such a bond that grows stronger every day. Even I thought it was a book material. But here I am, living a dream. In many ways, despite life's happening...


Steve Ansell said...

Sounds like a pretty good Valentine to me. Always good to hear an update from you.

Sarah said...

Lots of happy plus some sad. That's life, right? I hope you're able to visit your father in March.

Olga King said...

Looks bleak to say the least, but thank you. Life, indeed.

Olga King said...

Yep, I like mine better anyway.
And thank you for noticing:)

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