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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Finally packed.

In the last 5 weeks I had the most consistent block of training and work. In each one of those weeks, I had run 60 miles/10 hrs (+/-), walked with a backpack 2 hrs, lifted weights 4 hours, did yoga 2 hrs, and provided massages for 33 hrs (a hell of a lot, and sort of unrelated, but hey, it matters as time on my feet and arm exercises). All of it in the midst of the August heat and humidity of Central Texas! I had 2 days off work: one was planned for (and went to San Antonio to visit friends), and one I was on call, and never got needed (and thank God for that). I worked so much (and am blessed with ability and people who need my services) that I've been having dreams of massages, its disasters and anything related.

But alas, finally, I packed my backpack last night as a practice and for the weigh in, and this morning I was dreaming strictly hiking! Yeah, time to go! (I am also day-dreaming while massaging, so I guess it all equals out).

So, for the purpose of documenting my first solo self-supported backpacking trip for the whole week (not first backpacking of course, not first "whole week", and not first solo, but a combination of three), I had taken photographs of what I am taking (I also had a request for that). I didn't weigh separately each item prior the picture, although I did weigh a few clothes items I had choices of to pick the lighter one (like long sleeve shirt, windbreaker, gloves, etc). The tent's footprint is left behind, as well as a sleeping pad. Space in my rather smallish pack is quite an issue, which is a good thing, that was the intention last year when I bought this new pack.

Clothes: left - unpacked, right - packed, minus set I am wearing
Clothes: 2 sets of underwear/shorts/socks/sportsbra/t-shirt, 1 windbreaker, 1 long pants, 1 Marmot rain jacket, sleeves, gloves, buff, hat.
Cooking utensils

Food - all 15 lbs of it, mostly junk food I never eat in normal life.

Tent (above and below), poles, sleeping bag

Water purifier, reservoirs, plus 2 1L Nalgene bottles

There is also a medical kit, camera, cell phone, a book on trail description, a map, a whistle to aware the bears of my coming, personal hygiene stuff, knife, headlamp and a flashlight, and a few random items.

All packed the backpack weighed 35 lbs - without water. 4L of water will add about 8 lbs more (the first 3 days there are stretches of 20+ miles with no water sources). Once I put it on (without water) - it felt somehow much easier than 30 lbs dumbbell I had been carrying for practice (probably weight distribution).

I walked with Larry empty-handed this morning, and it felt like I was floating up the road (and I kept dropping poor guy behind). Good stuff, I am ready.

I am outta here. I still have 5 hrs of massages today, and 3 more tomorrow morning, then - off to Tahoe area!

Am I biting more than I can chew? There is only one way to find out. I haven't been that excited in quite a while. Bring it!


Sarah said...

It will be a wonderful adventure! Enjoy!

Gunhild Swanson said...

Have fun and be safe. And take lots of pictures.

Erin Earle said...


Kirstin C said...

Have SO much fun!!

Alison said...

Hi Olga! I'm sure that'll be one of your most memorable moments. Ohh, I really envy your strength, endurance, dedication and everything, and you inspire me lot. This means a more consistent training for me. Haha! Have a great adventure! Will be waiting for your pics! ;)

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