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Friday, October 03, 2014

Fall tidbitds.

A new article by me - at Endurance Buzz (on Pearl Izumi trail running shoes).

And about me - at a new website Roots rated. Who knew?

I am newly gainfully employed by one of the best Austin's massage places Myo Austin - come visit me (I still work at Massage Envy as well, just cut my hours a bit). My chiro office wanted me as well, but their room right now is occupied - may be next year I'll move into more medical setting.

Larry came renewed with the Wonderland trip, and the bathroom is bubbling with work'n'fire (figuratively speaking). He is also back to regular running, and I am so excited for him! Zane Grey, we're coming for you! Funny enough, this time I will play a role of a support crew - haven't done it in years, time to pay back as my husband has been the best crew for me. A little weird feeling:)

Since Larry got goal-oriented, I tried to find a race to focus on myself, and can't get excited about anything - and a few that I could be thrilled somewhat are on the weekends I can't leave town (see below). However, Hardrock was let go for good. I think most of my "I will not run it" happen last year, and this year's short-lived hope was just that. I applied 8 times, got to run (and finish) only once - and the other 7 didn't even get on a wait list. So, with Grindstone out of my qualifiers (they start tonight! Whoop!), picking yet another 100 miler, training for it, and applying for lottery at HR100 just seems so inconsequential...Time to move on.

I am looking at the crazy life schedule ahead, and trying to fit in a yoga teacher training at my favorite studio.

In a couple of weeks I will be done with my 200 class card for Bikram studio visits - took me almost 2 years, but as I re-discovered Power yoga Baptiste style, Bikram was on a back burner, just to use up the classes I paid for. Interestingly, the card will expire to zero on my 15 year anniversary of starting Bikram yoga - the style that took me out of a scheduled back surgery and made me healthy and running all these long races...I am thankful. But it's time to move on, indeed.

I am finishing up knitting a new dress for myself, in-between usual hats and other gifts. In fact, I did "the books" for knitting for the purpose of taxes (trying to stay ahead) - and turned out I made close to nothing (about 40 bucks) total. I suck as a businessman, but I really do love knitting - and surprising my friends with presents in the mail:)

Just because a 100 miler (right now, anyway) doesn't sound appealing, doesn't mean a) it never will, and b) other running goals are out. But for now, I need to get completely healthy, settle in with new jobs and work hours (because I still do work at UT, you know), and re-focus. I am turning 45 in less than a week...time to get organized.

I love my birthdays. Nothing special, I just love getting older. Am I weird? Bring it on! Autumn of my life...what a lovely time. Change of colors, dropping old leaves, winterizing, ready for fresh cool air...I love Autumn, whether in nature or life.

This is Fall in a place we'd like to call home in a near future. Time to buy that rocking chair:)

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