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Monday, July 07, 2014

Out of control!

I wish I could say it's a phrase about my running - but it's about my other passion. However, before I get to the main topic, I do have to say - I ran 4 times last week! That is more per week than I had done this year, even if the runs themselves were very short (I ran 4 miles on July 4th and that was my best so far). I am pleased and excited to SLOWLY get back into running, the CORRECT way, the one I promote to my clients and everybody who will listen (and speaking of clients - I know, keep sidetracking - I have 2 spots opened up for coaching, if you're interested, www.olgav100.com).

Anyway, since my creativity comes out in 3 ways: running/hiking the mountains, writing my thoughts, and knitting - the outlet that had exploded lately out of control was KNITTING! Just check out my latest projects, and by "latest" I, literally, mean withing 6 weeks or so!

I am totally having a field day with all my yarn. I still have plenty of ideas - and plenty of yarn (and I even exercised all my will power and did not go to the local yarn store during their Holiday sale), and yet I am in need of your help to keep me knitting through my yarn stash so that I can buy more yarn!

I know it's hot outside, even in our Northern states, but summer WILL be over, and winter will come, and before you know it, you'll need something for yourself - or for the Christmas stockings for your friends and family, for the birthdays coming up past October, for your ski trips, and just for fun! Think ahead, before my "line" gets too busy!


I make various other items per order: hats (the most popular item), scarfs, sleeves, finger-less gloves..Whether you need an item for yourself, or a personalized gift for your loved one - I am here for you, and I don't drag time either. What says "love" better than something warm and fuzzy coming from the heart?

Not every hat or scarf is created equal. If you go to the store, you will pick something that is made for masses. Each of my items is made individually, with you in mind. Knitting is my creative outlet, like running in the mountain. I put my heart and soul into each and every thing I make. It is unique, very involved, and loved dearly in the process.

                                                   This is how it works.

You look at the photo of the yarn I have in my personal stash (more available per request for various colors and types). I don't buy just any yarn at the mass-production chain store, I support local stores and buy best quality available of purest kinds of yarn.

You look at the styles I offer - or come up with your own, or let me fly my imagination!

You contact me through the link on my WEBSITE with your request.

Pricing is approximate and progresses for each item depending on the design:
  • Hats:  1 color ($25), 2 colors or complex patterns ($30)
  • Scarfs:  Simple knitted design ($60), Multi-color, patterns, or shawl/cowl ($70 and up)
  • Fingerless gloves ($30)
  • Sleeves ($40)
Shipping and Handling is in addition to the above prices and, typically, costs $5

Additional information is available per request.


M @readeatwriterun said...

You do beautiful work! I'm trying to decide between a hat and fingerless gloves for myself, and maybe something for my sister. I need to find out if she has any sensitivity to wool first. What types of yarn are available? (I don't even know what kinds there are!)

Olga said...

Pretty much any type! If wool is an issue (there are many wool brands and types), then bamboo, viscose, different combinations of cotton (it doesn't stretch out and bounce back as well, but with acrylic addition is much better), linen, and if choosing acrylic,m the price is usually lower too.

ultrarunnergirl said...

You are really talented, Olga! Those are some beautiful things you've created. I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

i LOOOOOVE the red shawl!! you are amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Is the tank at the top available? I love it!
Tracy Zhu

Olga said...

Tracy, technically I don't knit "ahead of time" in hopes to sell, so that one I made for myself, but I can certainly reproduce. Email me olgav100@gmail.com for details.

Olga said...

Thanks, Kir. I've been on inspirational roll so to speak! Creative outburst. My shelf in the closet designated for knitted stuff is overflown and I need to re-arrange things.:)

Olga said...

Yeah, surprisingly to me it turned out to be really good, even though because I was in a hurry, I didn't really spend time on design, it seemed simple, but looks good with this yarn.

Carilyn said...

Love all of it, Olga! I'm thinking of a sweater similar to Larry's (I like my sweaters BIG) in a cream color. Love the cable knit. If it seems like something you might be able to do, let me know. Love, love, love all of it!

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