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Monday, February 17, 2014

Spectating Austin marathon.

Life is taking up every minute, so blog went sideways. But, that's a good thing - well, may be not being over-scheduled with things to the point I blow off, like, once a week, and even cry - but that it is more busy than trying to express thoughts about it.

I've been running - regularly - about 4 times a week (what I intend to stay with, especially now that I missed all MY good weather of Austin winter and we are into humid air and short sleeves) and going to the gym twice a week, as well as still taking Bikram and Baptiste yoga. My long run went up to 15 miles (well, it was my only long run, but I ran every step of it in a wonderful park Larry discovered an hour drive away, on a single track that is not as obnoxiously rocky as normal Austin trails and has a flow to it), and I was relatively "fast" for such a pop-in-woods longish run, and even managed to get 2nd half faster by 2 minutes (it was 2 loops). Made me happy. But, I also bagged my proposed 20M run last Saturday because I was on "usual" trails, after meeting with my friends from Portland discussing how much they are lucky - and I am not - running where they are. So, I felt sorry for myself, cried, got Larry off his run too, and went to a coffee shop instead after a mere 6M jog.

So, life happens. I am running. My "progression run" was really progressing in terms of pace, even if the end-pace was my "previous life's" starting one. I eek out some very short sprints at the gym to fight the lung's reduced capacity these days. And I squat, step and lift...

It was a fun (and full) weekend with my friend Ronda and her friends Christy and Karen coming down South for Austin marathon - which treated them to 90% humidity and now I have full compassion of my life's whining. While neither of my friends ran what they aimed for, everyone had fun, and sometimes that's what matters.

I also took a horse lesson, which ended up being a bit more boring than I anticipated (wrong lesson, should have just gotten a ride-out), but I can now save myself on a horse if needed, and check this off my bucket list.

This weekend Larry and I are off to North Carolina, where I will attempt a 40 mile stint of a hike (up to the mountain and back) under 10 allowed hours, and we'll just chill together, away from daily life.

I hope I'll bring back good news (of a finish). I also have hopes to run some short road races, because strangely, somehow, this is what I'd like to do (having lost all the speed and then some, it seems natural to want it back, because, you know, power-hiking and shuffling will come back much easier).

Later, now, back to my crazy life (and NOT 8 hrs of sleep).
Oh, and I finish my cardigan!


Marathon photos


Sarah said...

I love how you continue to make the best of whatever life throws you...and not be afraid to show your humanity. Have fun this weekend!

Olga said...

Sarah, I think it's part of growing older - learning to accept limitations and make what I can with it...something you seem to defy! :)

Anonymous said...

Is it the Mount Mitchell Challenge? I've wanted to do that one for a while--enjoy!


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