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Sunday, September 01, 2013

A better week.

I sucked it up. I re-wrote my training plan based on Pam Smith's idea of having Sunday free (eve though for her it was due to 2 runners in a family with the need for a long run and kids to watch), and pressed on with Treadmill quality workouts, local road 8 mile runs, and kept up with weights and yoga. I even finally added Stairmaster - I used to love this machine, but now can't seem to squeeze time for it. But I did.

The week culminated with a solid 23 mile run. Since Texas is, well. Texas, any elevation change that needs to be found - needs to be found in short bursts and repeated over, again, and over again, many times. And since Texas trails, well, rocky like hell, you can't press on the punishment either up or down fast enough to pretend those many repeats can merge into a few longer - so you take it to the road.

Local trails...yeah, much fast running possible, huh?

There is one 0.4M hill here nearby, Beauford Rd up to jester. Well, it's 0.7M, but the first 0.4M is at average 15%, the road even graded for cars safety. It's one steep monster, and I took to it for the run...and ran/hiked it up the whole thing 10 times, only to do it 6 more times on a steep portion only without the mellow top.
And to my own (pleasant) surprise, nothing hurt, and the pace was much quicker than any of those flat 8-mile local road runs. Go figure. 4,230 feet of gain, 6.4M of climb, quad punishing by 6.4M of descend - I call it a good day, and having being finished over an hour sooner than my best prediction was an icing.

I just need one more week of something solid, a week with a 40M run-race at the end, and it's taper time. Can I make it through?

I've been hitting yoga a lot lately, and that makes me feel good, from inside out. Like, caring for my own aging body, the one that does so much for me - and caring for my own soul, the one that finally asks for something in return.
Taking care of my body with nurturing food.
And it seems in a week we might dip under 95F. Oh, the signs of summer coming to an end...

I am having a 4-day stay-home break from work. I cut a tip of my left thumb at work with a knife, and was sent for a mini-sick vacation (Labor day included). The thumb is healing (amazing how much it's needed when you can't use it!), and the quit time at home, without going anywhere, is helpful to me in so many ways. I feel much more relaxed and at peace...may be that crazy life does impact me more than I think it does:)

Have some thoughts to write about ultrarunning (not at all conventional), have some projects to write about for EnduranceBuzz...but being true to myself right now feels more important, so I stay away, and keep that peace. We're all good, right? Different stages of life, now is my quiet one. Contemplating. Letting go of some people, some even very important people, and some very random, but whom I thought (hoped?) would be important, and whom were just around without deep processing, just because it felt you had to be surrounded by people. May be not? What they say - some for a reason, some for a season? Some seasons are very short, some lasted whole life, and still ended...and if it would have killed me to even think about just few years - months! - back, now feels calm too.

Interestingly, with that, I am looking forward that Grindstone 100. I am looking at it as My Time, time to spend at peace in the mountains, on the trails, mostly walking/hiking, yet being offered food and water at certain intervals, with nothing to prove, just a simple movement. Who knows what will transpire from it? But I firmly believe every 100 mile I do has a purpose. I am looking forward to discover which one Grindstone will deliver. For the first time since I signed up - I feel I want to go, I, not somebody else, want, not need or have to, to be there and make it to the end.

p.s. had an awesome, amazing 11M run on the road hills at tempo pace on Monday morning! Wow, I forgot how good it feels. And then awesome Power Yoga class! Great day today, feels good to be alive and dream on.
Today outside the studio with Janice and Gabe Ayson.
Free yoga class at Breath and Body Power Yoga studio on Monday - I went to 3 workshops by Baron Baptiste when lived in NYC, some 10+ years ago...awesome!


Thomas Bussiere said...

You are an inspiration. Grindstone - game face.

Steve Pero said...

Best of luck getting in the Hardrock qualifier...and of all things, enjoy the experience :-)

Olga King said...

That's the plan, Steve, enjoy, indeed.

Shining Speidel said...

So sorry to miss your Grindstone run this year! I hope it gives you everything you are seeking. Enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains, the fun race vibe, and I look forward to running some miles together at Hellgate!

Olga King said...

I know, what a bummer, but Hellgate is coming soon after!

ultrarunnergirl said...

I am really happy to read that you had a good run Olga!
Impressive looking hill repeats.
And an HOUR better than your best prediction? That has to feel pretty great!

Keep up the good work!


Carilyn said...

Hey Olga! Sounds like you have had a great (and busy) summer! I agree, that as we get older, we seem to get better (I hope) at paying attention to our bodies and our souls. It was great to read your posts again. If you ever need some good Texas mountain running, come see me in El Paso!

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