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Friday, June 07, 2013

Ultra week on Tribesports

We all know in this day and age Social Media is booming beyond my old-school third-world-upbringing comprehension. I am often having hard time catching up and keeping up, but the many of new websites providing means for news, collaborations, support and exchange of ideas are pretty awesome. Occasionally, I stumble onto something, other times, that "something" stumbles upon me.

Enter TribeSports. It's a site that offers to put together folks depending on their sport of choice. They have everything you can think about, general and more precise split. From paddling to yoga to beach volleyball...

That said, a week of June 7th to June 13th is their Ultra Week. Every day of that week they will post content that relates to Ultrarunning. Their communication person, Adrian Kastelic, emailed me and asked a couple questions for their poll, and whom am I to not respond when it's about my passion?

I am including below my answers (which are short), but please be sure to check into their Blog Site and see what else they got talked about from day to day, and may be join a Tribe for your sport(s) of choice! 

Which Ultra Marathon would you recommend to first time ultrarunners?
If road and 50k - Caumsett 50k in NYC, often served as USATF championship, a loop course for a good intro and great community.
If trail 50k - McKenzie River 50k in OR, a flatter but extremely scenic course with history over 20 years!

50M - American River in CA (an easier intro to road-to-trail), White River in WA (totally scenic and "only" 2 climbs)
Which Ultra Marathon has been your all-time favorite?

You got me lost here:)
50M - Zane Grey takes number 1 for gnarly-ness and terrain (love tough stuff).

ZG50 - 2006
ZG50 - 2007
ZG50 - 2009
Pocatello comes close 2nd.
Pocatello50 - 2009 
Pocatello 50 - 2012
100M - a toss-up between San Diego and Hardrock (they are just two different beasts). Bighorn's flowers  (and jumbo shrimps at the AS) are magnificent.

SD100 - 2005 (win and CR) 
SD100 - 2007 (crewing and pacing) 
SD100 - 2010 (racing) 

Hardrock 100 - 2008 (crewing and pacing) 
Hardrock 100 - 2009 (running) 
Hardrock100 - 2011 (sweeping) 

Bighorn 100 - 2007 
Bighorn 100 - 2008 

p.s. I don't repeat courses unless I love them. These 5 races are truly my favorite. I am on my way back to San Diego 100 as you're reading this post!


Cohen Ilan said...

Awesome site, thanks for telling us about it!

Thomas Bussiere said...

Go kill it Olga - SD100. Hope it's a good race day for you with no issues.

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