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Monday, May 06, 2013

Life, packed to the brim!

First of, that interview at iRunfar.com is out! Wow, what a way to start a week!

Yes, still living it full and not slowing down! Keep promising myself an evening of chilling, and may be some re-organizing of some furniture (used to love this), but still haven't gotten a chance.

As promised, took (almost!) a full week off training after a 100k! Easy Bootcamp (truly couldn't jump anyway), easy 2-3 mile runs all the way into Thursday, when managed 6 miles on trails at slow pace, and by Saturday was at Hill Of Life, Austin's spot for hill repeats, making 10 trips up and down.

Had a camera with me too, so took some good number of shots while warmed up, and then as I was propelling and meeting some folks and interacting with hikers and in general having a grand time.

Then there was an evening at a friend's Cris house for some Mexican food and drinks!

On Sunday, we had our awesome friends and freakishly-great ultrarunners (and a guru-nutritionist!) Meredith and Paul Terranova over, talking some smack on training, eating, and health-related personal business promotions. Meredith was/is super-helpful and that got Larry and I fire up some more! Larry is now working on the website that will combine many things in a more professional way and allow me to keep moving into that direction. Super-exciting! Which, in turn, pushed me to organize more files and ways to handle my running coaching, and somehow simultaneously, I also ended up with a new stream of folks approaching me for training - like, there was a sense in the air, or something?
And then the following week was all focused training, and Massage Envy, and other stuff non-stop...the week ran away from me, and Saturday, instead of going to one of Tejas Trails races to either run or volunteer as planned, I ended up working my butt off with all my running coaching, and cooking a screaming amount of Russian food for upcoming Russian Orthodox Easter!
All photos of food and party! Scroll a little down below the "knitted hand".

It was an awesome time! I love having people over. Life is so much fuller when you have great friends. The heart just opens up so much more, and we all benefit from the kindness, laughter and hugs...

The only nagging thing that's been not so great is the right knee. The pain gets aggravated by downhills, but is there even at rest, and it bugs me enough to have visited an ART specialist last week and have a Graston and another ART this week scheduled. I can't afford to be hurt right now!!!

But we all know I'll be ok:) somehow, regardless.

A Friday's run from work that despite being short was very inspiring.
This week I am off to my lovely Portland, OR! See my older son Alex, my awesmest friends, run greatest trails in the world, and race McDonald Forest 50k. Can I come close to 6 hrs??? That's the plan, but my pace chart doesn't spit those numbers, damn it!

p.s. Ain't I looking pretty? But, no big harm (yet), so, we'll make it through, right? Right! And Dr. Chris Sellers is Da Bomb! I totally waited for his show up after appendectomy, and it was worth it. Performance Wellness


Sarah said...

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday! Looks like it may be warm --- to us -- probably perfect for you. Hope that knee starts cooperating!

Julie said...

Good luck at McDonald Forest and have a great visit with your son! Would love to be on those beautiful trails with you. Have fun! Look forward to the race report and hope you come in under 6 hours.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Olga! Hope your knee feels better soon, your A race is so close! Mine has been bothering me too, but not in 'crisis' mode yet.

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