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Friday, April 12, 2013

That food post...

EnduranceBuzz.com had published the story I had written about my personal journey into Paleo life style.

As a side note, I checked my notes from 2004/2005 training journals (yes, I hand-write it all, and had kept all of them since I started running, and no, I will never be into online logs), and my speed definitely improves by bits from that (best) year of my "career" in ultrarunning (in terms of where speed is), and that is with the fact I run half the mileage I used to run, and same quality consistency as I did throughout those years.

Must be something about that metabolism burn...or a little less fat:)

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Sarah said...

Really glad you've found an eating style that works for you. I've been dialing in my nutrition the past 4 months and I've really noticed the difference in how I feel generally and my energy. Stopped eating dairy and most wheat products, less alcohol (not that I drank a lot before) and gave up coffee/caffeine except at races.

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