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Thursday, April 04, 2013

A little trash-talking never hurts, and more busy developments.

Tue, Apr 2, 2013:
Chris Russell: On a more important note, of Hells Hills challenge. You got hurt doing 800 repeats? Say it ain't so!! I want to kick your Russian booty fair and square!!
Olga King: I am ok, not to worry, I won't make any excuses. Even though I'll be doing hill repeats Thursday night and in general not tapering, and have long run Sunday...all part of the package. Got leg weights, plyometrics and Bikram today on top. Knee is brand new!
Chris Russell: I did hard hill repeats yesterday and I thought I wasn't tapering. I better crank out some 400s Thursday just to keep it even!!
Olga King: That's my boy!
Chris Russell: After seeing you kick butt at Syllamo I thought I better get with the program!!
Big Chris and I go way back to my first Cactus Rose 100 in October 2009, when I seemingly easy passed him at mile 70 or so with a huge smile on my face. Ever since I have developed a great friendship with this former Air Force Commander and an always-there volunteer at the races (yeah, he is kind of a runner too:)). 2 years ago, knowing that his only chance to set a score right was a short distance, and after seeing my name pop up on Hells Hills 25km rooster, he jumped in - and with his legs the length of my whole body (the guy 6'6", or is it 6'8'?) passed me with 5 miles to go - and then beat me by 6 minutes! Well, at least that what he had reminded me recently, I never checked!

This year, he is coming back to try and feel the victory - but I am not going to give up easily! To make my life more challenging (like it isn't enough), he dragged Brian Ricketts into this, so what the hell, I invited John Sharp and a couple of ladies (Larry is kind of in it, but he is spotting us 30 minutes handicap). That said, our (the boys and mine) goal is to come in at 2:30. Can I do that??? Heck, if I believe it, but I'll die trying!

After last Saturday's longish run, I did a 10M road easy-to-tempo run with last 4 miles at low 8's pace. That was tough to handle, but I talked myself into it, and yelled (inside) when was about to back off. Tuesday were 6x800m, and the set I ended up running was fastest in many years - all 3:30-3:32 with last at 3:27. Boy, was I sore! And yes, my right knee was really cranky - not the same ITB problem I had after Syllamo (due to slanted trail the race was on), but my chronic patella tendinitis I kind of pretend doesn't exist.

But nothing that some ice and some serious plyometrics wouldn't treat! So, tonight I am ready to take on hill workout - 4x0.7M somewhat mellow grade trail hill. Take it, Chris!

Now, to the busy part - life's been awesome. Often we are so afraid to make a first step because we are afraid to fail, afraid to not live up to expectations, scared to find ways to make things happen, and of the outcome. I have had many ideas in my life, but at the same time, because of having family, kids, obligations, and because of the way I grew up (business did not exist back in Soviet Union, only daily jobs, so even here, I chose to have jobs with guaranteed salary and fixed hours), I was acting only on one at a time and as an addition to the main job. I had knitted and seamstress-ed first few years in US, taught various yoga classes next, eventually finished Massage school, had clients, got certified in running coaching and personal training, coached some with no advertising (hate that promotion stuff!), and kept pushing further out making a leap.

I am still not making a full leap:) For the outside reasons, I chose to end my scientific career (and, by the way, another publication with my name on it is in process of being submitted) no earlier (later if feels right) than November of next year. But my other ideas are taking more shape and speed.

I'll still be seeing personal massage clients that I established working relationships with, and on top of it I got through an interview and was offered a part-time position at Massage Envy. For a few hours on Tuesday nights, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I will be able to learn to work with new people I am not aware of problems of, learn corporation environment, pick up new techniques, and see if this is the way I want to go further more.

To utilize my NCSF Personal Trainer's certificate (that I had worked feverishly to update with Continuing Education classes last 2 weekends and sent it in on Monday, since I haven't kept up with that credential for 2 years and it's about to expire in a month), and to fulfill my dream to involve more people of general population into healthy living, being fit and setting and reaching the goals, I had organized a Bootcamp on a wimp in our neighborhood - and had more response that I honestly expected. Almost scared me to death, and I couldn't back off, I was bound to make it happen, and it was coming on fast! We meet Monday and Thursday at 5:30 am for an hour of some awesome kick-butt exercises, and the ladies work hard, feel the pain, and are getting into it fully! We're going for a 5k in May challenge. There will be a Nutrition talk once a month, and we're discussing an addition of a Yoga class once a week. I charge a marginal fee, only because we all admit without a fee we'd probably be slacking (and missing classes) - and because I am using my NCSF and RRCA insurances and am required to have forms signed up and make official efforts, but I truly believe, just like with my Massage business clients, Running coaching and my Knitting, prices have to be affordable to ALL and not inflated (to the disappointment and discouragements of my therapist and my husband, who try to tell me it means I don't value my time and knowledge enough). I am a really bad business owner...

That Bootcamp has to side effects: I get 2 extra workouts a week (because I choose to lead by example), and I have to move my own running workouts to the evenings (which now takes another 2 evenings out, on top of that starting next week Massage Envy and my Wednesday Bikram class). Phew, lets get organized!

I got a number of knitting projects completed "per order", and I bet knitted items in general will take a little bit of a back seat (besides doing my own) since the summer is coming, but Larry is working on creating a real website for my Blue Bear trade mark, and we are researching the correct ways to advertise to make it happen as a real business, and not just "when friends want something".

The Running Coaching went up for a spiral as well - I guess season had started:) I was thinking of finding some school and get involved there, but I think at this point there are simply not enough days in a week - or hours in a day - to make that happen. I still have a full time job, you know, commute, family, cooking, and sleeping for 6.5 hrs is a minimal requirement to function! I thank the Universe for having given me a super-understanding husband, who keeps supporting me through it all to go after the dream(s), even though it means he sees me fewer hours and now cooks twice a week instead of once. I love you, and yes, it may sound a little bit crazy, but I do function so much better when have a number of things on my plate - and outlined clear goals. (p.s. we did have a lovely date on Sunday night, just the two of us, as a wrap-up of the crazy weekend between sod and club's insanity and my studying and kids...and it was by far one of the most enjoyable too, I didn't want to leave the place).

So, here I am. I had a lovely (and suddenly unexpected) phone interview with an www.iRUnfar.com junior stuff, as they thought it would be nice to talk to me about longevity in the sport. It was an honor - and another fear/horror experience. After reading Rory Bosio's interview just a day prior our phone conversation, I am like:" What in the world can I say even remotely interesting??". But Larry told me to be myself and talk about how to be me, you know, the "Work-a-horse", the "stable ring in a chain", the one who just plows through, no rises, no falling (not much anyway). While my placing had shifted from something near top 10% to something I call "beginning of the midpack", my times stayed the same (just the sport had brought a lot more competitive and serious runners in) and I keep going on. Not flash in a pants, not a huge star, just one that's there. You can count on me - and that you can.

I also finally wrote an article I promised for www.EnduranceBuzz.com about my personal Paleo journey - I'll let you know as it gets posted - where, since many had followed me here, I also put together some general information I gathered.

Speaking of Paleo, a friend of mine, Iva Paleckova, had written a book with an insane amount of recipes (she also has a website http://www.paleoflip.com/ on the subject), and asked me to write a Foreword. What I did - some of the personal information, of course, got crossed over from one to another. Check her stuff out!

I think that's about it, and I need to get back to my lovely Bacteria cells, and my Radioactivity Assays, so I can finish up and have 30 minutes to squeeze some leg weights at the gym:) Time to get ready to live up to Trash Talking! I'll see you on the other side of the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Inspired by you chasing your dreams! GO OLGA!!

Anonymous said...

Inspired by you chasing your dreams! GO OLGA!!

MJ said...

Wow - I think "busy" in the dictionary must have your picture next to it. Glad it's all such good stuff, sounds like all the various threads of your life and interests coming together in an awesome way! (you're knitting them together...sorry, couldn't resist)

All best wishes to you!

Ronda said...

You are a true machine lady! Lots of really fun and exciting projects and businesses on the horizon. Keep it up and best of luck at your race, kill it!

Sarah said...

Good luck at your race! Great to see someone making their dreams happen. I have no doubt you'll succeed at everything you put your mind to. :)

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