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Monday, January 14, 2013

The year of moving forward.

It's been quite a whirlpool of a time since the year began. With Stephen back from his Europe trip with his dad and work going full speed, and the house projects galloping, we've been busy.

I had a presentation at work - my "once in 3 months" thing to show the boss I should still be kept. I am still hired.

My massage business picked up quite some, with some awesome clients. Here is my latest blessing:
I have a lady (originally from India) who is a new mom and gets massages weekly. Her mom is visiting right now, and has a severe back pain, so they asked if I would "look". The older lady doesn't speak much English, and was quiet the whole hour. Then she got up, insisted on making me tea, set down and said: "Body is light, no body. I feel good. The pain is gone, no pain in the back. My daughter appreciates you, now I know why." I almost cried. I don't do miracles, but I strive as much as I can...

"The Attic" project took more than we thought, but isn't it always like that with house reno's? The company removed the old insulation - and left some here and there, and then Larry decided to pick some boards randomly drilled on top of attic floor, and found more ugly dusty insulation he had to scoop (in mask), and lots of squirrel nests and poop and random other junk (some of which was huge). So, he worked tirelessly on making it tidy (and my job was to get rid of that mentioned junk for disposal). Then electrical guy came and tied up some unsanctioned wires - and Larry, again, had to do a lot of it as well, to cut down the costs. He (Larry) also installed 2 bathroom fan/lights with vents outside, and a vent from the kitchen fan (which was going straight to the attic). Finally, the new insulation people came and did their blow-in, but not up to standards. So, it's not over - but hopefully this week it will be. Now we also need to rid of all the boards and 200 lb wood door we dragged from the attic - and thankfully Austin has a free "big item" removal in February.

Both Larry and I are firmly on Whole30. What means there is more thoughtful cooking for me, which takes time. I don't see drastic differences in my body's shape (always a hope:)), but my belly is not as bloated all the time, and when it is, it's not painful, so that's good. With the additional veggies I mince via Vitamix and drink during a week, and with some supplements my doctor recommended for my adrenal fatigue, low thyroid and vitamin deficiency, I think I am slowly turning a corner. At least I prefer to believe that:) Larry shows a lot of self-restrain - and his body pays benefits. His energy level is more throughout, even if he is hungry and still dreaming about pancakes. He's got some shift in body composition as well, but we are not measuring or weighing in yet to not focus on the wrong thing.

We are running. In fact, last week we threw in some short intervals and going for a touch longer this week, to get back into things cautious and wisely. I put 40 miles in last week, and that is with the fact 3 days I had to resort to my "2M minimum". 

Speaking of that, one time it was on Saturday, as I got up at 2:30 am and drove to Bandera to volunteer at the trail events put on by Tejas Trails. As last year, I was patching some "holes" and going where Joe sends me. Taking 50k to the start and sending them off (from Grady Reed: Olga King should be a motivational speaker. Best pre-race pep talk ever for the 50k).
Working first AS with Cris Strong and 2 kids (and a couple folks helping out) for 2 hrs, then packing it in, milling around star/finish to see leaders come through the first loop of their 100k (and winners of a 50k). Then walking up to Last Chance AS lead by Roger Davis and helping him get through the heat of the day (another 3 hrs), and then working/hanging out at the finish line for another hour. It all ended up with a surprise award Joe had given me - Dano K.'s "Be who you are and keep inspiring, we appreciate you" (or, as he added, "to the meanest volunteer", and the jury is out if it meant it is one who means something to runners and race organizers, or one who is mean:)). I felt honored (and one day I'll tell the story of a man who was himself, lived life to the fullest and inspired, and then even as he was fighting ALS he still was a true warrior and an man to look up to). I get to keep this award for a year!
With that said, I am going back to work - and to keep living my busy year. And to be myself. And if I happen to inspire - more power to y'all! :)

Bandera photos


Jonathan F said...

Thank you Olga for what you do. You definitely helped me get back to the lodge in one piece. Next year you will see me finish the second loop.

Steve Pero said...

Good going, Olga, rest up and it'll all come together again! Whenever I'm feeling any sign of adrenal fatigue or overtraining (overracing) syndrome, I always return to my roots of easy low HR training and it always works. http://philmaffetone.com/theovertrainingsyndrome.cfm
Best of luck to you and Larry in 2013!

Danni said...

Awesomeness all around!

Sarah said...

I'm not surprised your massage business is doing well. Keep on being you!

Carilyn said...

Sounds like you are super busy, Olga! Congrats on the massage business - very exciting!

I'm interested to see your thoughts and results on Whole30. I hope you will keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

yes, you ARE inspiring! I love your attitude. :) good job on Whole30!!

David Jacobson said...

I can't think of a better person for that award than you Olga. Thanks for all you do at the races.

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